1982 BMW 320is with 37,000 Miles

I’ve recently been on a bit of a kick enjoying the looks of the BBS Mahle wheels. I’m not entirely sure why they appeal more to me today than they did last week, or last year, or even when my father had a set on his 1982 BMW 633CSi two decades ago. Then, I felt they looked outdated and undersized and really preferred the looks of the RS wheels he later placed on the CSi; but there’s a certain purity about the original design that I really like. Generally associated with the E9 and E24 models, the BBS Mahle wheels also made an appearance on the E21 320is. Today’s example is stunning in Henna Red with claimed original condition and lower mileage; but does that support the high asking price?

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Euro-looker: 1987 BMW 535is

When people think “E28”, they immediately think “M5” – those two combinations of letters and numbers are both magical and intertwined in the history of performance sedans. Indeed, like the original GTi defined the hot hatch segment and has always been at the forefront since, the M5 has similarly defined fast executive sedans. However, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – 20 years on, it’s pretty expensive to own and run the S38 motor in the M5. There is no doubt it’s a screamer, but for most people, a warmed over 535is is probably a better option; they look nearly identical to the M5, they get better fuel mileage, around town they’re practically as fast as the M5, and critically they’re usually had in good condition for less than half the asking price of the M5 and are cheaper to run, to boot. On top of that, you could get them in colors other than black – not something everyone wants, but for those not really into the Model T scene it’s a welcome addition. Today’s 535 is a excellent case in point; looking quite catching in red with Euro bits complementing the original shape of the E28 and with a very inviting looking black sport interior, this 1987 535is sure is a looker:

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1988 BMW 535is

$_57 (6)

As I find myself knee deep in an expensive bout of repairs for my E28 M5, I’m reminded of the appeal in the flexibility and relative ease of replacement/improvement with the 535is. While I feel beholden (and am often required) to buy M5-specific parts, if it were a 535 it’s much easier to rationalize replacement seats in a new color, or using repairs as an opportunity for some OEM+ modification. The description of today’s 535is leaves some details to be desired, it appears to be a good-looking E28 that could be the basis for a beautiful car.

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1982 BMW E21 320/6 Baur


The E21 is a funny little beast, but some nice examples have cropped up over the last year or two. Today’s is about as odd as they come, with the interesting and non-US 2.0l 6-cylinder topped by the rag/convertible combo assembled by Baur and factory “is” upgrades. With just 56k miles, the seller is looking for the upper echelons of E21 money. Top-down motoring in an orange little speedster with the unique sounds of a small inline-6 sounds like a good time to me.


Year: 1982
Model: 320/6is Baur
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 56,000 mi
Price: $13,500 Buy-It-Now

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Beautiful Henna Red #052, Euro 320/6 E21 Baur #4040 of 4595 total built, 3 series BMW in IS trim. Imported to California in late 1984, this wonderful time capsule only has 56,846 miles. Same owner since 1985. Stack of early import and service records. Serviced a Local Sacramento CA independent icon, Lubos BMW (916) 451-5826, for over the last 2 decades. Extremely rare car in the US.

Basic condition on this car is as you would expect from a car with such low miles. Very low original wear on original fabric IS optional Recaro seats. excellent Dash, glass, seals, etc. Brand new Michelin tires on flawless BBS 14″ rims. New front brake rotors just replaced a seized set from long term storage. Car is and always has been registered in CA and passes smog testing everytime. The rare, unavailable to the US 2.0L 6cyl runs fantastic with great torque and power. Equally rare 5 speed shifts in and out of all gears and reverse with ease. Car drives superb with no age related wind noise, rattles, smells or freeway wander. Cruises on the freeway confidently and very high speeds, achieved by the very tall 5th gear.

Paint and finish are above average and the car still retains much of it’s original finish. Front hood, period correct aftermarket front bumper and rear trunk have all been repainted however. No signs of accident, and if so, too minor to detect. 2 areas on the rear trunk have some pealing and are detailed in pictures attached. Prior owner remembers that they were created by the upholster when the rear window plastic was replaced. Painted areas are very old, and overall condition would rate a 7 out of 10. All door jams, trunk and engine compartments, seams, body panels, etc., look to be original, flawless and laser straight.

Baur top is in excellent original condition. Does not leak. surprisingly quite and calm when down/off. With windows up, it is as quite as a sunroof with no bothersome wind noise! Truly genius design and was advertised as such by Baur. Very unique rare car, that is a blast to drive and sure to appreciate. Almost couldn’t contain not adding some lowering/racing springs and set of vintage Alpina wheels myself!


Quite an odd little duck, but it’s rare and cool. Maybe not where my $13.5k is going, but when something this unique finds its next owner you can bet they’re going to enjoy it.


Three X5 4.8ises for sale

Around the turn of the millenium, German car companies flipped out and decided they had to make SUVs too.  Mercedes went first, then BMW, then Porsche, the last causing the most uproar.  Whether you think it’s a pointless dilution of the brand or a worthwhile cash cow that supports the rest of the line, there’s no turning back now.  The BMW X5 was most attractively styled of the German suburbans, more interesting than the bland M-class and less ugly than the Cayenne.  This was underscored with the sport editions, first the 4.6is and then the 4.8is.  Unique rims, some bodywork, and beefy rectangular pipes alluded to the strength within, the 4.8l V8 pushing out a healthy 355hp.  There are 3 great examples on eBay right now, varying in price and mileage but sharing the great engine and looks.

The silver one has extremely low miles, just 23k, but it also carries a hefty price tag at just under $40k.  The black one is the other end of the spectrum, with 83k miles and a Buy-It-Now of just under $30k.  The Imola Red one seems to be the just-right porridge out of these three bears, with just 48k miles and a Buy-It-Now of $30.9k.  And I can’t get over how good that red looks on the 4.8is.  If you’re looking for a bargain, there are 4.6is editions out there running at about $10k less than these and you get almost the same power, but they are older and thus come with higher mileage and problems.  All of these 4.8s are less than 50% of their MSRPs, and for that you’re getting an attractive and capable  luxury SUV with some good punch.  And it comes in that red…