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Too Good To Be True, 43k Mile Volkswagen Scirocco

I tend to be a cup half full kind of guy.  Every car is an opportunity, no matter how sketchy it seems.

Well, maybe not.

What we have here is a 1983 Volkswagen Scirocco with 43k miles.  One owner and recent mechanical work to get it up to par.  Too good to be true?  Perhaps, but I would be tempted to find out.

1983 Volkswagen Scirocco:

From the seller –

“Very clean 2 owner (same family) vw scirocco. body is in fantastic shape. this vehicle has been garage kept and rarely driven. has new tires, belts, current registration and safety check.”

Short but sweet, while I appreciate the brevity I would like a little more detail.  To the naked eye the car looks straight if not a little sun burned.  You would too if you spent the last 29 years in Hawaii.

But from a seller with next to no feedback, short description, and almost worthless pictures it does raise some concerns.  Which brings me to the buy it now price, $3k seems imminently reasonable for a 43k Scirocco.  Even with the shipping outside Hawaii you are looking at less than $4,500 shipped for one of the lower mile Roccos in the country.

The question becomes, are you feeling lucky?

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  1. Larry
    Larry February 28, 2012

    I’m more of a glass half empty kind of guy. For all the reasons you mentioned, you’d be taking a pretty big risk in buying this one based on this info (or lack thereof). If this was real, the price would be a lot higher – there aren’t many true low-mileage Sciroccos around and enthusiasts know what these are worth.

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