Willy König’s 1984 BMW M6

This M6 has had some interesting treatment by Koenig Specials. It has only 40,000 miles on it and the seller is looking to get $29,000. This car is said to have been a Koenig company car where it sat in their showroom. It has been stripped down inside to reduce weight and has undergone some significant overhaul work engine-wise. The seller states:

m1 procar camshafts m1 race header special motorsport ecu program delivers 351 hp and 409 ft of torque

It also has been wrapped in matte black vinyl. The car doesn’t have any of the flamboyant wide body kit that Koenig is known for, though it does have some Koenig badges. Without that kit and with the wrap it strikes me as kind of odd. The low miles will help get some interest, but I doubt it will reach $29,000. Regardless of what you think of the matte black look, that massaged inline six mixed with the manual transmission surely makes this a fun car to drive.


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