1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

Another interesting Porsche 911 Targa. That’s certainly ok by me, but there’s been a continual nagging thought running through my head: why so many Targas? Or at least, why so many interesting Targas relative to Coupes? I don’t have a good answer for that. Targas typically show the lowest values, which could help explain why we see them on eBay more frequently than Coupes, but I do wonder if there is something more to it than that. Could owners have ordered Targas in a wider variety of colors and that’s why they are attracting my attention? That would seem strange, but maybe. Or perhaps Coupes were driven much more often thus making the lower mileage examples that tend to attract our notice more rare. I’m really not sure, but I do find it curious. There are certainly excellent air-cooled Carrera Coupes out there, especially for the 993 where this phenomenon does not seem to exist – though we should remember that the Targa was fundamentally changed for the 993 so we are dealing with something else entirely there. For whatever reason, I seem to come across a good Targa much more frequently. The one we see here is just such an example: a Venetian Blue 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa, located in California, with Linen leather interior and 64,650 miles on it.

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1976 Porsche 930

When I come across them I will almost always choose to feature a 1976 Porsche 930. They are one of the earliest examples of what has become an iconic model – the 911 Turbo – and their simplified and pared down nature relative to later examples brings with them a purity that many others fail to match. But they can be difficult, which the example here, a Guards Red 1976 Porsche 930 located in North Carolina, demonstrates quite well. As some of the earliest examples of the 911 Turbo these cars tend to be quite valuable, as we’d expect. But especially in the current market, where 911 prices have begun to retreat somewhat for all but the very best examples, there tends to be a disconnect between asking prices and where we’d actually expect a 930 to sell. We’ll get to the problematic parts, let’s start with the good. Generally speaking, inside and out this 930 looks very ncie. The Guards Red paint shows well and the interior looks crisp throughout. In addition, other than the steering wheel the interior appears to retain all of its original parts. I would guess the interior has been refreshed at some point during this 930’s life, though the seller makes no mention of that so perhaps it’s wholly original. All in all, for a 40-year-old Porsche with more than 100K miles on it the condition is good and while we’d likely classify it as driver-quality rather than concours it definitely has a lot going for it.

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Feature Listing: Lapis Blue 2003 Porsche 911 GT2

If last week’s GT2 RS took insanity beyond what you consider reasonable, then the 996 GT2 may reign in the craziness just enough to be sensible. It also comes with a far lower price tag. Like all things 996 the performance per dollar quotient of these machines is spectacular and matched by few other cars, even when looking at one of the highest priced models in the line. With 456 hp directed only to the rear wheels and around 200 fewer pounds to move around the GT2 returns a level of ferocity and purity to the Turbo’s driving experience that had been gradually softened over the model’s life. Though it was no longer necessary for Porsche to produce such a car in order to meet homologation requirements, they still followed a track-focused mantra for GT2 production that forces the driver to remain attuned to every aspect of the car’s current state. It’s as if the rawness of the original 930 had returned, but with a lot more power! We don’t see many GT2s come up for sale so they always attract our notice when they do. This particular example is especially rare: a Lapis Blue 2003 Porsche 911 GT2 with Black leather interior and 48,812 miles on it. The seller has said this is the only example he’s seen in this color, and my experience is the same. There are plenty of Black, Silver, and Guards Red examples. There even seem to be a good deal in Speed Yellow. This is this only one I’ve seen in Blue.…

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Club Coupe

In some ways, this 911 could have found its way into the group of cars I featured earlier this week. It would have been the lowest price by a substantial margin, but given the difficulty in obtaining one – only 60 were made available and those only to PCA members – then we could understand why some might aspire to own just such a car. The 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Club Coupe follows in the line of many special edition examples in that it serves to recognize a particular Porsche milestone. In this case that milestone being the 60th year of the Porsche Club of America. Also like many Porsche special editions the primary manner in which these are differentiated from other models is mostly aesthetic, though as noted above this model was additionally distinguished through its restricted availability. Of course, that issue does not affect the secondary market. The base of the Club Coupe begins at the top of the 911 model range with the Carrera GTS, featuring the widened rear of the Carrera 4, but retaining its rear-drive layout. Added to that is a Powerkit, initially only available on the Club Coupe, to boost power to 430 hp. But the most striking feature is the paint, which has been dubbed Club Blau, and it really sets the Club Coupe apart from other 911s. Additional features are some interior upgrades, a ducktail rear spoiler, and a set of 20 inch Sport Classic wheels.

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1980 Porsche 911SC Targa

Back to reality. After a slew of very high-dollar Porsches we’ll come back down to earth to return again to a perennial favorite the 911SC, and what has been a consistent feature of late in the reasonable value camp with a 911SC Targa. The great thing about Porsche is that even though we have stepped away from their supercars and vintage racers, it doesn’t mean that we’ve completely dissociated ourselves from the roots of those machines. While we certainly won’t see much shared DNA between a 911SC and the 918 Spyder there is still shared heritage and we certainly would find links between the early 356 and 911s within even a basic 911SC like the one we see here. And compared with many of the previous examples this one even comes in a really nice color. Here we have a Petrol Blue Metallic 1980 Porsche 911SC Targa, located in Maryland, with 81,345 miles on it.

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The Seinfeld Collection – Amelia Island 2016

As the final of my dream car posts we’ll settle in to the Amelia Island auctions for a group of exquisite Porsches and some of the most expensive available. Rather than stunning and rare color combinations these Porsches attract our notice through their historical relevance and, for many of them, their longevity. By now most are aware of Jerry Seinfeld’s love of Porsches; it’s been a long documented affair ever since the comedian became known across the world. He has decided to sell quite a few of them – 18 cars in all, 16 of those being Porsches – at Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island Auctions on March 11. None of the cars are inexpensive – the lowest priced likely being his 1960 Volkswagen Beetle – and many of them will stretch well into seven figures. For fans of Porsches it’s a very interesting time as many of Seinfeld’s cars are near impossible to find in this condition, with some of them near impossible to find at all. I have chosen a few examples to show here that particularly caught my eye. I won’t go through the details of each car since those details are extensive and well chronicled on the auction listing for each. Click through to read about each car’s history and also to view the rest of the Seinfeld lineup at Amelia Island:

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2015 Porsche 918 Spyder – Riviera Blue

Since its debut the 918 Spyder has made frequent appearances in the classifieds, a not uncommon occurrence with these limited edition cars. I’ve bookmarked a few that caught my attention, but never really got around to posting them. This one I could not let pass by. Riviera Blue became one of the iconic Porsche colors with the introduction of the 993 and though the color was only officially made available for a short time we still see it pop up as a paint-to-sample option now and again. Porsche has long been known for its pastel colors and Riviera Blue fits well within that sphere. On the 918 it is stunning. There is something about the length of the car that seems to exaggerate the brightness of this color. While it could be a function of lighting and photography these pictures really jump off the page in a way that other Riveria Blue Porsches have failed to do. The owner of the Aranacio Borealis Carrera GT we featured on Sunday suggested that a potential buyer might consider pairing that audacious machine with a 918 Spyder as the showcases of a Porsche collection. Well, here you go. I can think of no better partner to that Carrera GT than this Riviera Blue 918.

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Motorsports Monday: 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

I’m fairly certain this will be the least expensive of this group of cars I hope to feature, but that should not detract from our wonder and desire. It also may be the baddest 911 of them all. The Porsche 911 GT2 RS delights in excess. Gone are most of the luxuries familiar to owners of the 911 Turbo. Also gone is the confidence inspiring all-wheel drive system Porsche first made standard on the Turbo with the 993. In the place of those features is more power. However, those statements simply apply to the 911 GT2; an already mad car that pushed the bounds of what is possible in a rear-engine rear-drive machine. The RS provides a combination of both more and less. More power, less weight. For the GT2 RS that means 620 hp flying towards the rear wheels. And there’s no fancy transmission to allow the driver to keep both hands firmly gripping the wheel for perfect shifting every time. On top of all of that power is a 100 pound weight savings over the regular GT2 – adding up to a 400 pound weight savings over the already exhilarating 911 Turbo S. Like with any RS, the GT2 RS is focused and track inspired with performance that is almost incomprehensible on the street and certain not fully exploitable. If Porsche produced this model as an exercise of sorts, something to test their limits, it made quite the impression.

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2005 Porsche Carrera GT – Arancio Borealis – 1 of 1

Let’s dream a little bit. Through some serendipity there happen to be a couple of very expensive – and special – Porsche supercars currently making the rounds and it seemed as good a time as any to take a break from some reasonably attainable cars and drift into the stratosphere. Over the next few days I have some very eye-catching Porsches to go through and we’ll begin with perhaps the most eye-catching of all: a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT with a metallic paint-to-sample exterior done in Arancio Borealis – I think in common parlance it’s Pearl Orange. It’s said to be 1 of 1 and I wouldn’t find that hard to believe. If a standard Carrera GT simply isn’t exciting enough from the outside this color will certainly draw all the attention you should ever desire. It sits with a mere 260 miles on the clock, with the current owner claiming to have never driven it – a situation I could not even fathom, but here we are.

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2003 Porsche 911 Turbo X50

Last week we featured a pretty nice Seal Grey 996TT that sold for $44,100. As usual, it was a very nice performance value. As part of that post I spoke of the possibility of these cars attracting the notice of collectors and mentioned that I felt that notice would be – at least for a time – limited to interesting colors and X50-equipped cars. Here we have just such an example with mileage similar to last week’s 996TT and a similar asking price to where the Seal Grey example sold. This Midnight Blue Metallic 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo, located in Texas with 52,694 miles on it, probably has too much mileage to really grab a collector’s attention, but at its current asking price it should fall as another really nice value and all things considered should be a better value than last week’s example.

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