1979 Porsche 911SC Targa

Ah, the Porsche 911SC Targa, the car my father owned when I was a kid and my first experience in a Porsche of any type. Those early experiences have made these a long-time favorite of mine even if other models now capture my attention more or elicit greater excitement. But for that basic 911 experience this is still the model to which I frequently return and I always enjoy coming across interesting examples. The one we see here fits that bill well: a Petrol Blue Metallic 1979 Porsche 911SC Targa, located in Alabama, with 65,095 miles on it. My own first car, though not a Porsche, was of a similar color to this Targa and it’s always been a part of the color spectrum I’ve enjoyed. As a metallic shade these colors show particularly well under direct light and I think the images here bear that out. With pretty low mileage for its age this looks to be an excellent 911SC and one that should turn some heads any time it finds its way onto the streets.

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1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Technically, this post could be filed under “Motorsports Monday.” The Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 was the contemporary of the E30 M3 we saw in Carter’s post earlier today, a darling of the DTM, or German Production Cars Championship, started in 1984. Originally intended for rallying purposes, the Cosworth tuned W201 190E was deemed a bit uncompetitive for such an event by the boffins at Mercedes, so they went to the track with it, instead. As a result, a homologated version was released to the public shortly thereafter. While this particular 190E 2.3-16 for sale in Philadelphia has low miles, it has a number of issues that need to be addressed. Still, the rarity of these special W201s make this a car worth saving.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 on Craigslist Philadelphia

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Motorsports Monday: 944 Turbo v. M3

If you were to believe the history of Motorsports as told by some E30 enthusiasts, nothing would have existed before the M3 and nothing can compare since. Sure, the M3 was an impressive car and had a long and illustrious career, and in terms of a single type of racing it won more than any other single model has. But was it more dominant than the Porsche 956/962, for example? 8 overall wins at Le Mans is certainly quite impressive in a life that spanned over a decade. Or how about the all-conquering Lancia Delta, which won the WRC Championship for 6 years straight? Or Ferrari’s successive and evolutionary F2002, F2003GA, and F2004 – one of the most dominant streaks in Formula 1 history – the F2004 won 15 out of 18 races and nearly all of the track records it set that year still stand over a decade later. While I’d agree that it doesn’t diminish from the achievement of the E30, I’d argue that it’s not the most impressive achievement in Motorsports history. Still, that winning heritage paid dividends for BMW in the sales and reputation department, and the E30 M3 has become a rocketship still heading towards its apogee. $90,000 for an E30 used to sound laughable, but suddenly it’s the market reality for the limited and low mileage examples. Even track-dog M3s are experiencing a resurgence in value; which raises the question – would you rather have the legend of the M3 or something of racing pedigree from the same generation but with a much higher performance envelope?


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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK250

Few may have noticed it, but for 2016, the manual transmission is no more for Mercedes-Benz customers in the US. The last car to come so equipped is the one we see here, the SLK250. While I’ve never driven an R172 SLK, they have always intrigued me. For a current Mercedes model, the styling is rather tidy and conservative. I don’t see too many of these on the street, either, which makes them attractive for someone like me who doesn’t want to be seen in what everyone else is driving. I’ve experienced the same 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder in the last generation C250 sedan and came away rather impressed, even if there was a bit more turbo lag noticeable than we are used to with modern engines these days. This SLK250 is one of those equipped with a 6-speed manual, finding its way somehow to a Nissan dealer’s used inventory in North Carolina.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK250 on eBay

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1985 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3

I’m a fan of basic modes of transport. Oftentimes the lower run models in a lineup get overlooked, only for their good qualities to be ignored. Such is the case with this Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3. An early W201, this car was far from basic, but could be considered such as compared to the rest of the Mercedes lineup at the time. With it’s four-cylinder engine, you won’t be getting anywhere fast, but then again, it’s not as slow as some of the diesels of that era, either. This Nautical Blue 190E 2.3 is approaching just 50,000 miles and looks quite stately in a pleasing hue of Nautical Blue over Gray MB Tex.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 on eBay

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