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1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC

There’s just something about the W126 coupe that I find captivating. It’s not the most attractive Mercedes-Benz ever made, but the combination of the large body with the sweeping roof lines somehow works just perfectly. There were quite a few of these coupes made in several different configurations, and we’ve featured just about all of them. The last one I wrote up was the most rare; The 420SEC European model that officially never came to the U.S.. But while we’ve seen our fair share of 500 grey market imports and the “normal” 560SEC, it’s easy to forget it all started in the U.S. with the smaller motored 380SEC. Only around 11,000 of these early models were built; about 1/3 of the production of each the 500 or 560 models. A few decades on, they’re fairly rare to see but still a treat:

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1983 Audi Quattro from the BBC drama “Ashes to Ashes”

I’m not much for celebrity, but throughout television history, it’s been interesting to see the kinds of vehicles that get paired up with the stars. Whether it was the Ferrari 308GTB that was piloted by Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I. or the Chevrolet Suburban that Tony tooled around with in The Sopranos, producers seem to have a keen way of pairing up a vehicle to match the personality of the protagonist. Recently, a series aired on BBC from 2008 to 2010 entitled Ashes to Ashes. The main character was centered around an officer with the London Metropolitan police who was shot and then regains consciousness in 1981. One of the hottest new cars of the period was the Audi Quattro, and thus, a red example was cast in the series. BBC is now auctioning this very UrQuattro to help their charity for disadvantaged children in the UK, BBC Children in Need.

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1983 Audi 5000S with 33,000 Miles

If you think that the early BMW 7 series – the E23 chassis – is a rare sight these days, they’re downright common compared to C2/Type 43 Audis. The first “5000”, in the rest of the world this was the Audi 100 and 200 in turbocharged form. The C2/Type 43 replaced the innovative but not particularly reliable or quick 100 and was a major step towards building the modern Audi. It introduced not only the familiar inline-5 to the large family sedan, but also turbocharging and even diesel motors to Audi’s lineup. However, the platform never saw the introduction of the quattro all-wheel drive platform – all of the Type 43s were front drive, and a fair amount were automatic. By 1983, the writing was on the wall – Audi had its new C3 platform full of more innovation and trumped aerodynamics – parked next to the C2, you could see the resemblance but the new car looked downright futuristic compared to the box on box design of the C2. Though the best part of a million of these sedans were produced, they’re one of the rarest Audis to see stateside these days – depreciation, rust and time have taken their toll. Properly cared for, though, they’re still a nice looking large sedan and a treat to see – especially in this condition:

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E24 Face-Off: 630CSi vs. 633CSi vs. 635CSi

As the 2002we featured yesterday was getting ready to ride into the sunset, another two-door BMW chapter was just beginning: the E24 6 series. Today we’ll look at a trio of E24sm beginning with this early 630CSi for sale in Texas. While I generally am a fan of the later E24s, early models such as this one in a decidedly period metallic green have a strange way of drawing me in.

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Double Take: Modded or Stock 1983 Audi Quattros

For some time, the Quattro remained an undercover legend amongst enthusiasts. Saddled with an unfair reputation from media hype and enthusiasts’ misconceptions, the Quattro was remarkably affordable until very recently – especially so when you consider the ascension of other ’80s icons. But Audi’s acknowledgement that they built cars prior to the A4, coupled with some star power from the British show Ashes to Ashes and universal acknowledgement of the car’s impressive stature in the halls of automotive history mean that it’s still a star on the rise – especially in Europe, where the car is seriously coveted. Americans are just catching on in the grand scheme of things – and their delay means that many of these turbocharged all-wheel drive wonders have gone the way of the Dodo. It’s not as if there were many to choose from initially, with only around 11,500 of them produced and a majority of those remained in Europe. The U.S. only saw a few years of importation; a reported total of 664 made it here – and though they’ve maintained a devoted fan following since they were pulled from these shores in 1986, it’s nevertheless been difficult to find good examples of these cars today. They’ve become regarded as quite cool; the mystique of the turbocharged, box-flared World Rally Championship car for the road – the original Quattro is unsurpassed in the realm of cool Audis. Today, we’ll look at a mild and modded example and see which is the one to grab:

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