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1983 BMW 320is


Today we have a nearly immaculate survivor of the best E21 model BMW brought to America. With some handling and cosmetic upgrades, the 320is was a tidy little package. It’s amazing that after 32 years and 117k miles this Hennarot example looks as showroom fresh as it does. The paint, chrome, interior, engine bay, and even the toolkit all look virtually unused. The E21 generation has its own distinct charm, a bit more quaint than the E30 but still a playful little sports sedan, and this is among the best examples we’ve seen.

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1983 Audi Quattro

It’s a sigh of relief to see a market correction in classic Audi’s favor. For such a long time, Audis were simply unappreciated; but innovative designs, great looks and solid build quality mean that those who hung on for the depreciation ride are now smiling a bit more. There’s simply more appreciation for the classic Audis now then perhaps ever; even perhaps more than when they were new. That’s because back then, no one knew what they were, really – but today, the legend of Quattro has spread and thanks to the proliferation of internet video, we still get to hear the raucous barking and watch the belching flames from the turbocharged inline-5. This past weekend, I took my Coupe GT out for a ride. I grabbed my cousin and we went to look at a new car for him; a 2009 Subaru WRX. Much like a modern interpretation of the original Audis, it’s apropos that we arrived in an Audi to take a look at it. What was perhaps more striking, though, was the reaction of the Subaru crowd. We showed up to a Subaru speed shop where the WRX was to be view, and instantly once within earshot, all of the crew at the garage came out to see the approaching Audi. It was a genuine show of respect, smiles, and thumbs up from a crew you wouldn’t automatically assume would know their history. Even more shocking, though, was the resounding appreciation they showed for the old car – more than often is seen at Audi-specific events. That’s the legend and the importance of the Quattro:

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Convertible Week: 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet

As we begin to close out Convertible Week here at GCFSB, let’s take a look at an example from the very first year of the 911 Cabriolet. Porsche had experimented with an open-top 911 far earlier with the release of the Soft-window Targa. Those models allowed for both an open top and open rear window while integrating a fixed rollhoop. I’ve never thought the design looked right and, I guess unsurprisingly, the Soft-window Targa eventually gave way to the hard-window Targa with which we are all very familiar. For a number of years that was it. Due to their concerns over safety regulations rendering the full convertible obsolete, Porsche never committed to making a true Cabriolet until the 911SC was ending its model run, more than 15 years after they first introduced the Soft-window Targa. That makes those first Cabriolets somewhat special as not only were they the first 911 Cabriolet to be produced, but they also happen to be the only year they were produced as a 911SC. That second point holds less weight with most people, but for someone who might have a preference for the SC over the 3.2 Carrera, options for open-top motoring dwindle quite quickly. The example we see here, an Indischrot 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet, located in California, with 45,205 miles on it appears aimed at the collector crowd (at least based on how it’s been priced), though for someone who might want to spend a bit of time driving their Cabriolet there is enough mileage here to retain much of the long-term value even with some additional mileage each year.

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1983 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia


Today we have a gorgeously restored Westy that ticks just about every box. Featuring a litany of perfect modifications, the exterior is highlighted by an OEM tan repaint, tough and functional Rocky Mountain bumpers, good-looking Passat 16″ wheels, and a GoWesty lift kit for better clearance and that great Syncro look. Under the rear sits a like-new 2.4 liter wasserboxer from GoWesty connected to a rebuilt transmission. The interior looks pretty original but decent for nearly 200k miles, and just about everything functions minus the a/c. Locked, not quite stock, and ready to rock, this is about as ready-for-fun as the come.

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1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD – REVISIT

The 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD we saw for sale last November is back up on offer at no reserve. To be perfectly honest, 181,000 miles rarely looked so good.

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The below post originally appeared on our site November 24, 2014:

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