1976 Porsche 914

Porsche fans can be, at times, a curious lot. No matter what new model the company unveils, those into the marque will always judge it against the almighty 911. The Cayenne SUV has been their sales savior, the Panamera sedan has been deemed ugly and the Boxster is for those who can’t afford a real Porsche. We’ve heard all the stereotypes. Back in the 1970s, Porsche devised an entry level car with the help of Volkswagen in the form of the mid-engined 914. Powered by a flat-4, these were badged both as VWs and Porsches, and later on exclusively as Porsches. This 914 in astoundingly original condition is for sale in Florida and a perfect runabout for soaking up that state’s rays.

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1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

Certain cars have the ability to attract our attention more than others with a presentation that invites us to explore them more fully. In some cases those cars end up being fairly standard while others possess extra details that make them more interesting, more appealing, or both. Such is the case with the car featured here: a Glacier White 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Illinois. Generally, I am not a huge fan of white cars, but the lines of the 993 seem to work very well with that color and we don’t see a lot of them. Added to that are some interesting options – sunroof delete, sport suspension, limited-slip, aero kit (which I know is very love/hate) – that take this from your everyday 993 to a 993 that stands apart both in appearance and in performance. Cars like these will never appeal to everyone, but it’s still nice to come across factory-optioned variants of what were already great cars.

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1966 Porsche 911 Sunroof Coupe

The 911, for good reason, has developed a reputation as a difficult car to drive. Much of this has to do with the rear-engine layout and subsequent dynamic imbalances from the resulting rearward weight distribution. In its early years, these effects were actually more pronounced due to the 911’s shorter wheelbase. A shorter wheel base produces greater agility and provides for easier right-to-left transitions, but in a car with its weight shifted towards the rear those nimble qualities can quickly get out of hand. For the 1969 model year Porsche sought to improve the 911’s overall stability by lengthening the wheelbase, making the short wheelbase cars somewhat of a historical footnote. The car we have featured here comes from those first few years of 911 production: a long-time garaged 1966 Porsche 911 Sunroof Coupe with a mere 14,620 miles on it, located in Oregon. It doesn’t wear its original shade of Light Ivory paint, but still looks very sharp here in Red.

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1998 Porsche 911 Carrera S

If yesterday’s low-mileage and high-dollar 993 Turbo was out of your price bracket or simply not the sort of Porsche that you are in the market for, then perhaps the car featured here will be more appropriate. An Ocean Blue 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera S with Cashmere leather interior, located in New York. With its wider rear and stiffer suspension the C2S delivers nearly perfect contours to go along with 282 hp driving the rear wheels. While not as effortlessly powerful as the Turbo, the C2S still provides its owners plenty of power and, outside of the unobtainable Carrera RS, represented the best of the naturally-aspirated road-going 993s.

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1996 Porsche 911 Turbo

Now and then we come across cars that seem destined to set the market for the value of a particular car and we may be looking at just that scenario with the car featured here. This one-owner Midnight Blue 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo, located in Florida, with Grey/Midnight Blue leather interior has a mere 3,800 miles on the clock. The 993 in general has been a beloved car since introduction and that rings even more true for the 993 Turbo. Twin-turbocharged, 6-speed manual, perfect lines, the first 911 Turbo to utilize Porsche’s all-wheel-drive system and the last of the air-cooled Turbos, these had it all. To top it off, the value of these cars has been on an ever-increasing ascension that hardly seems like it will slow down anytime soon.

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1984 Porsche 911 Carrera – M491

The Porsche 930 is a favorite of ours here at GCFSB. It helped to shape and define the legacy of the 911 during a time when the future of the model was uncertain. Unfortunately, while it was produced from 1975-1989, there was a period in which it was unavailable in the US. From 1980 until its reintroduction in 1986, the 930 was absent from the US lineup and buyers only had the standard 3.2 Carrera as an option. In 1984, however, Porsche made available the M491 option package. The M491 package was a wide-body 3.2 Carrera with suspension and braking sourced from the 930, but it retained the naturally aspirated 3.2 liter flat-six of the standard 911. So, less powerful than a 930, but with improved cornering and braking relative to a 3.2 Carrera, along with the added benefit of being less of a potential maintenance headache. Typically very well regarded and we don’t come across them too often, but we have one here: a Black on Black 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera with the M491 package, located in Ohio.

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1991 Porsche 911 Turbo

Among iconic 911s, the 930 and early 964 Turbo stand together and for many of us who grew up in the ’80s the brash style and aggressive dynamics these cars possessed are the attributes that remain most identifiable for the Porsche marque itself. While the 964 Turbo is stylistically differentiated from the 930, the two models shared the same engine. The 3.3 liter turbo-charged flat-six of the 964 was refined and more powerful than that of the 930, but it remained a tried-and-true unit well known for delivering its power with ferocity, not subtlety. Unlike the more highly regarded 993 Turbo, the 964 was rear wheel drive only, a fact that, in itself, should keep these cars in high demand on the collector market for years to come. While the later 3.6 Turbo and Turbo S should remain the true kings, the 3.3 liter Turbo is no slouch. The car we have featured here, located just outside of Atlanta, is a Black 1991 Porsche 911 Turbo with Cashmere leather interior, an outstanding combination coveted by many.

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1997 Porsche 911 Turbo


These final-year air-cooled turbos are where it’s at in performance, looks, and modern-day classic status. I love the understated nature of my neighbor’s all-black 993 Turbo, but his chrome turbo twists aren’t quite as attractive as these flat ones. The color and wheels will probably not be the deciding factor in the price here – with just over 31k miles, this is an epic example of a car that grows in desirability (and price) every year.

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1968 Porsche 912

For those who may be less interested in collectability (though a good 912 may still enjoy collector status) and more interested in having a vintage Porsche to drive on weekends, the 912 still offers a great deal of value relative to many 911s. Intended as Porsche’s entry-level vehicle, the 912 shared the same basic body design and mechanical lay-out of the 911, but rather than the 911’s standard flat-six engine the 912 used a flat-four, initially as a 1.6 liter unit and late displacement was bumped to 2.0 liters. In its early years the 912 sold very well and even provided better handling balance than the 911 due to its lower weight at the rear. These were, in every way, cars intended to provide Porsche’s customers with an experience akin to that of their top-of-the-line sports car, but at a fraction of the cost. Today those same cost savings remain and owners can still appreciate what a ’60s rear-engined Porsche was all about. The example we have featured here is a numbers-matching Sand Beige 1968 Porsche 912 located in Indiana.

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