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1991 BMW 325i Convertible with 16k miles

This is the car by which to measure many, many others. The details are there – things I didn’t even know were OEM correct, such as the Roadside Assistance sticker on the tool kit lid. I knew I wanted the OEM sheepskin seat covers, and after seeing the first set in the virtual flesh in ages, I want them even more. It’s hard to believe the original owners drove this car as sparingly as they did, but for some folks, that’s the point of a nice-weather summer car. I hope the seller gets his wish, and that this car goes to another owner who cherishes it like his late father did. If the price continues to rise and the bidding stays hot, I suspect the cost of entry will be high enough that the kiddy crowd won’t get its mitts on it; then again, the automatic will eliminate the tuner crowd almost immediately. A good thing!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 BMW 325i Convertible on eBay

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Last Call For Summer: Mercedes-Benz Convertibles

The convertible. An automotive guilty pleasure of sorts. Not the most practical of vehicles but with modern day folding hardtops, they have become much more mainstream and practical than they once were. Mercedes-Benz has been in the business of convertibles for years, carrying on even in the dark days of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Currently they offer a few different cabriolets and roadsters to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers and budgets, from the four-cylinder SLK to the ferocious SLS AMG Roadster.

Today we’ll take a look at four convertibles from Mercedes-Benz’s past, ranging from the early 1970s into the new millennium. We’ll start with a very well cared for 1994 E320 Cabriolet for sale in Pennsylvania, arguably one of the most collectable W124s currently, notwithstanding the 500E/E500.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 on eBay

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1995 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

I like Guards Red on a 968 Cabriolet nearly as much as I like single-ply toilet paper, bus drivers, doilies, the German police, and I might’ve mentioned it offhand once, but being licked by a cat.

I have nothing against the color, but does make me go a big rubbery one. My 911 is Guards Red, and it looks absolutely perfect on her voluptuous figure. In fact, it really flatters her beautiful, wide hips and accentuates the iconic swoop down her back. Not on a 968, the complete opposite happens as it tends to overbear the subtle creases and gentle bulges of her hips and shoulders…and it makes her rump look as attractive as an 87 year old in a thong.

But I’m digressing, I should be talking more about the car and less about my dislikes and Freudian connotations, both of which I’m sure you could care less about. So let’s get to it then…

Now in case you know very little, or next to nothing, about the last evolution of the 924/944 family, I’ll fill you in on what it was in a short paragraph.

The 968 became Porsche’s last water-cooled four cylinder model. Made from 1992 through 1995, this was the replacement for both the 944 Turbo and 944 S2; a very tall order, yet one in which the 968 succeeded in with aplomb. There was talk in the boardrooms to call it the 944 S3, but as you read on, it’ll be pretty clear why an entirely new model designation was used.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Porsche 968 Cabriolet on eBay

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10K Friday Super Drop-Top Edition: Cabriolet v. TT v. S4 v. Cabriolet v. Beetle v. Eos v. S2 v. Boxster v. M Roadster v. M3 v. 500SL v. CLK55 AMG

Okay, hang on folks, this is a long one – what’s the most class, speed and style that you can get for $10,000 these days in German motoring? I’ve lined up some of the examples of just how much you can buy – which is your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1997 Audi Cabriolet on eBay

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1991 BMW 325ic

When I first saw this car, I had high hopes for it being a full-blown M-Technic. Those funky door panels, colorful seats, the works. But silly me, you couldn’t get that package with Alpine White; no, those cars got the watered-down version without the suspension upgrades, but at least had the cool Lotus White leather seats and color-matched rims. But this is not that car, either! It appears to be an ordinary 325ic with the accessory body kit and silver-painted euroweaves thrown on. Still, it’s a nice looking car saddled with the unfortunate automatic transmission. The seats appear to be re-trimmed, but the rear look a bit sloppy. A quick Google of the VIN reveals this car sold in 2012 for under $7K; it now has 5,000 more miles and a generous price adjustment. The most intriguing part of this story is that it was sold new in Hawaii back in 1991 – a place where this drop-top E30 would fit in perfectly.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 BMW 325ic on eBay

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