1995 Mercedes-Benz ‘E420’ Cabriolet

I’ve been big admirer of the W124 Cabriolet because of the massive design and engineering project it was. Like I mentioned a few months ago, making this car wasn’t just chopping the roof off the coupe, sticking a soft top in the trunk and calling it a day. But sadly despite the huge undertaking and investment, you were only left with one engine choice in the 3.2 liter M104 straight-6. It wasn’t under powered by any means, but it wasn’t exactly a speed demon either. Besides, if you want a fast Mercedes convertible, you ponied up for the SL500 or SL600. I’m going to assume that if they offered the M119 V8 in the W124 Cabriolet,  the price would have been even greater than already high $79,000 (and that’s in 1995 money!). The price point probably would have been right at the edge of the $87,000 SL500 and it probably wouldn’t of sold very well at all. Plus, you are factoring in even more engineering and cost to a project that like mentioned, was very expensive.

So it makes total sense why there was no V8 W124 Cabriolet. But of course it doesn’t stop someone from building one which is exactly what we have here today for sale in New Jersey. What started life as a 1995 E320 Cabriolet has been transformed into a “E420 Cabriolet” and it even has a few other interesting details.

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Year: 1995
Model: ‘E420’ Cabriolet
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 56,921 miles
Price: $69,999



$199 Dealer Fee

Price: $69,999

From the looks of it, this swap was done by the people at Wolfgang’s Inc., a Mercedes- Benz specialty facility in Tenafly, New Jersey.…

Tuner Tuesday: 1996 Mercedes-Benz E420 Brabus 6.0 Wagon


A few days ago we featured a W211 E63 AMG wagon that is one of the baddest long roofs you can buy. In the later half of the 2000’s, getting that kind of power from your wagon was easy. You could ride down to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, write a large check, then ride off and answer the question that no one ever asked. Why does someone need a station wagon that damn fast? In 1996, it wasn’t that easy. In order to pin your groceries to the back window when you accelerate, you needed to do a little more leg work. Enter legendary Mercedes tuner Brabus. This 1996 E430 Brabus 6.0 Wagon located in Estonia was transformed from an adequately powered kombi to supercar with a hatch.

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30 Years of the W124 – A Tribute

Thirty years have passed since the introduction of the W124 Mercedes-Benz E-class range. This is a car that had big shoes to fill, as the W123 range was beloved the world over for its quality, durability and rock solid diesel engines. Arriving in the middle of the 1980s, this new mid-sized Mercedes designed by Bruno Sacco brought the company’s traditional styling hallmarks into a new era. This car would spawn coupe, cabriolet and estate variants as well as introduce four-wheel drive as an option and a few high performance V8 variants. The W124 would carry on into the mid-1990s, succeeded by the W210 E-class with its radical four-headlamp front profile.

Since we’re in the middle of winter in many parts of the US, we’ll start off by looking at this 1991 300E 4Matic for sale in California offered at no reserve.

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1994 Mercedes-Benz E420 with 39k miles

Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. So goes the story for me and my love of Mercedes-Benzes from the 1980s and 1990s in comparison to the current model range. Mercedes still makes wonderfully good cars, but a bit of the mystique is gone, as an ever expanding SUV lineup emerges and the company tries to lure in those obsessed by the badge with the new CLA sedan. By 1994, the W124 E class was appearing a bit dated in comparison to the Japanese luxury upstarts Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. However, if I look at any of those models from the Far East in comparison to this E420 for sale in Connecticut, I’d say the E420 has stood the test of time. It might have not been the most exciting thing to look at when it was new, but the hallmark Mercedes build quality along with V8 muscle are ever apparent.

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1994 Mercedes-Benz E420

Few would have seen it coming when the W124 Mercedes-Benz E class was introduced, but towards the end of the model run, the mid-sized luxury sedan got a shot in the arm by way of V8 power. While a new E class was being readied for 1996, Mercedes needed to do something to compete with the V8 heavyweights from Japan, the Lexus LS400 and Infiniti Q45. While the Lexus LS eventually went the way of the S class, the Q45 eventually died altogether, but the impression these cars from the Far East made on US consumers has been lasting. Still, there are those of us who appreciate classic German engineering even if it comes with some compromise. I would wager to say that this E420 for sale in California has aged a bit more gracefully than its Japanese competitors.

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1994 Mercedes-Benz E420

All of us here at GCFSB have waxed poetically about the Mercedes-Benz 500E. A super sedan of epic proportions, this collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche is revered by enthusiasts to this day. There is one W124 E class that gets a bit overshadowed by this monster of a luxury car, and that is its more tame sibling, the 400E/E420, powered by a smaller version of the M119 V8.

My father purchased a used 1992 400E when I was in college. He bought that car after his beloved 190E 2.6 from the same model year was totaled in an unfortunate accident. I preferred the 190E to the 400E, but that V8 sedan was a great cruiser and the power delivery of the engine was intoxicating. In silver, it was an unassuming sedan, but could surprise a few people off the line at a stoplight. This Smoke Silver E420 for sale in Florida won’t turn a lot of heads on the street, but its understated elegance is charming.

1994 Mercedes-Benz E420 on eBay

1994 Mercedes-Benz E420. 84,962 original miles. Smoke Silver exterior – factory paint color code 702. Tan leather, clean Carfax, no accidents at all. I believe the paint to be 100% factory original. No repaint anywhere on the entire car. Strong and cold air conditioning. The tires are closer to new than to replacement. All four factory original alloy wheels are in perfect condition.

I’m told that the car is a one owner. That the original owner lived in Atlanta, Georgia and then moved here to Sarasota, Florida in mid 2005. The owner then had to re-title the car in Florida…hence there is a “vehicle purchase reported” on Carfax. I cannot guarantee this information, I’m just told it is a one owner.

No blemishes in the interior. No cracks in the dash top, no cracks in the wood anywhere.