1972 BMW 2002 Touring – REVISIT

The 1972 BMW 2002 Touring we featured earlier this month has been relisted at no reserve. This is a good car to keep an eye on, as they don’t appear for sale too often stateside.

1972 BMW 2002 Touring on eBay – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site February 12, 2013:

The 2002 is no stranger to German car enthusiasts. This was the car that popularized the BMW brand in the US and was one of the first compact sport coupes of its kind. They are a great choice for those seeking a classic car that is reliable, fuel efficient and fun to drive. These are three characteristics that rarely go hand in hand when discussing classic cars at any price point.

A lesser known 2002 was the Touring. Not officially offered for sale in the US, a little over 25,000 of these 3-door hatchbacks were built from 1971 to 1974. Styled by Giovanni Michelotti, this car would be a precursor of the hatchback craze of the next decade. This Touring for sale in Colorado is an import via Sweden and has held up rather well, considering the harsh climate of that country.

Year: 1973
Model: 2002 Touring
Engine: 2.0 liter four cylinder
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: N/A (odometer states 14,606 miles – probably 114,606 miles)
Price: Reserve auction

1973 BMW 2002 Touring on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.16.59 PM

Unfortunately my time has been cut short with my Touring and I must sell. (very sadly!) As you may know, Tourings were never officially imported into the US and are thus inherently rare. There are only a handful of these over here (in my guestimates no more than 20 or 30). They also had a short production run from 1971 to early 1974. These cars are becoming increasingly harder to find, especially a Touring!

1981 BMW Alpina B7 – REVISIT

With all of the BMWs flying around here this week, and an Alpina B6 earlier this week, I did some digging and came across this amazing 1981 Alpina B7 that Dan featured back in June. Sadly it hasn’t found the right home. With a slightly lowered price, here’s hoping this beauty can move on to a good home.

Year: 1981
Model: Alpina B7
Engine: 3.0 inline six turbocharged
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: ???
Price: $26,500

1981 BMW Alpina B7 turbo sedan on Craigslist Portland – REVISIT

Below is the original feature from June 2012

Now here is a rare bird, a true E12 Alpina B7 Turbo. The E12 5-series pre-dated the more common E28 5-series and has always been under his younger brother’s shadow. Maybe it was the fact that when the E12 530i was first offered in the US it featured thermal reactors and the most dismal fuel economy outside a big-block powered 1-ton pickup. They started off slow here on our shores, but if you have never seen an E12 M535i… Google that if you want to see an amazing car that started M sedan history. Even cooler than an M535i is what Alpina was doing to the cars with the rare B7. They made 300hp and had the suspension and brake mods to go with them. If you can remember in 1981 a Porsche 911SC made 180hp and the Chevrolet Corvette made just 190hp, so imagine a 4-door sedan with a turbocharged 300hp inline 6!

1981 BMW Alpina B7 on Portland Craigslist for $28,500

1981 Alpina B7 turbo sedan. Authentic Alpina car from Germany, rare and original numbers matching car. One of 209 E12 Chassis Based 5 series Sedans B7 and B7S’s built between 1978-1982 with 300 hp turbocharged engine. Car is Sapphire blue metallic. Interior is black with Scheel seats upholstered in Alpina cloth.

One-owner 1992 Mercedes-Benz 500E – REVISIT

The monotone black 500E we featured last month is back up for sale on eBay for the same $22,900 Buy it Now price. This is the third time we’re aware of this car being listed. Will this time around be a charm, then?

1992 Mercedes-Benz 500E on eBay – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site November 16, 2012:

It can be hard to think back very far in Mercedes history over the deafening roar of the AMG engines made over the past few years. Those in the know realize that one special Benz from the early 90s demands respect and deference. The ultimate fist-in-a-velvet-glove, the 500E came from a time when Porsche was farming out their expertise, helping other German companies take their cars to a whole new level. The fact that the 500E was produced alongside the Audi RS2 is enough street-cred that I should shut up and let this car speak for itself.

1992 Mercedes-Benz 500E for sale on eBay

This beautiful 1992 Mercedes 500E sedan is a rare find indeed. It was purchased by it’s only owner here in Indianapolis and has remained in his private car collection until we recently obtained it from him. The car is custom finished in standard 040 black exterior. While most USA cars were finished in pearl black or silver exteriors. The owner had the black metallic finish stripped and professionally refinished in traditional 040 black when the car was only a few weeks old because he only collected solid black cars. It is a beautiful example of a very rare car. Only about 500 cars were sold in the USA per year in the first few years of production. These interesting cars were a collaberative effort between Mercedes and Porsche to build the ultimate sport sedan. Developed in conjunction with Porsche, the Mercedes 500E was based on the popular 300E model which had been released in 1986.

1992 Porsche 968 with 3,500 miles – REVISIT

The oddly colored Porsche 968 with 3,500 miles we featured back in August is back up for sale. The seller has lowered the price a few thousand dollars. That’s probably not quite enough to move this sports car, but we’re moving in the right direction.

1992 Porsche 968 with 3,500 miles on eBay – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 10, 2012:

For me, the 1990s was the zenith of Porsches. With the final evolution of the air-cooled 911 arriving in 1994, the front-engine 928 and 968 were in their final throes, soon to be usurped by the Boxster which itself was joined later on by an SUV, sedan and mid-engine coupe. This 968 represents the first year of this 944 derived evolution. For the more sporting enthusiasts, the 6-speed manual coupe is favored over its open roofed counterpart. The Amethyst Metallic paintwork is certainly a departure from the normal black, red and silver we tend to see on this model. The interior, well, the Porsche Script cloth would have been nice on its own, but the Magenta dashboard and carpets, well, they are a bit eye popping to say the least.

1992 Porsche 968 on eBay

The 968 was introduced in 1992 as an all new model and produced at Porsche’s own factory in Zuffenhausen Germany. The last evolution of Porsche front engine, water cooled design (long before the Cayanne) remains one of the most well balanced sports cars of all time. The 3.0 liter four cylinder with variable valve timing produced 236 Hp with gobs of torque making them a blast to drive when matted to a new 6 speed manual. Like a lot of other Porsche’s the relatively low maintenance cost and outstanding reliability meant the have been well used. Our 968 was one of the first delivered to the U.S.

Low-mileage 1985 BMW M635CSi Euro for sale – REVISIT

The start of what would be the M6 legend, BMW Motorsport introduced M635CSi at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983. It was basically an E24 with the282bhp M88 engine from M1. With 0-60 numbers in the low 6 second arena, the M635CSi was one of the top performers of its day.  All M6 cars came with a limited slip rear differential, larger 15″ wheels and tires and an upgraded suspension. This Polaris Silver M635CSi was featured last month and is certainly more potent than the Stateside M6.

1985 BMW M635CSi on eBay

Here I have an ’85 BMW Euro M635CSi in Polaris Silver with 76k miles on it, possibly a very rare color for the M635’s. I have 2 sets of BBS 3 Piece wheels for it. Presently there are 17 x 8.5 polished and powder-coated with near new Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 255/40-17 tires, awesome set-up, looks and handling are “Killer.” Also, I have been refurbishing the Original 16 x 8 3 piece BBS wheels that came with the car from BMW, silver Powder-coated centers with clear power-coating lips, qty 5, gorgeous, just need to seal the wheels together and torque the new bolts. I run Kendall mineral based engine oil and 92 octaine fuel. I also have a Frank Fahey Track Pipe to run without catalytic converters, mix 30% Av Gas with this set-up, again, awesome. Frank recently did the valve adjustments for me. This car has stainless steel exhaust system, exhaust note sounds magnificent, especially with the straight pipes and a touch of avgas. I also have a resonnater. I keep this car in the garage at all times to keep out of the sun and elements.

76,900 original miles
Runs and Drives Excellent
Premium Recaro Sport Seats, New upholstery, very comfortable.
Rear Headrests
Dash has no cracks and comes with the dash cover.

1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail Rally – REVISIT

The 1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail featured two weeks ago is back up for sale after coming short of its Buy it Now price:

1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail Rally on eBay – REVISIT

The car looks far to nice to have seen much hard off road use, but if you know your history then you would know that these Heckflosse Mercedes were quite capable rally cars, placing 1, 2, 3 in the Monte Carlo Rally right after their introduction. This 230 has had a lot of care in putting it to where it is now. It has a nice two tone paint jobs with unique beige with brown roof colors. Rally accessories include sway bars, Hella driving lights, questionably U.S. road legal French style yellow headlights, rally timers and a Tag Heuer stopwatch are inside.

The car has bids up to $5,000 and a Buy-It-Now price of $9,900. These aren’t particularly rare cars, though some engine and trim combos were limited production and command higher prices. This is a good looking car. I’ve included video of some vintage clips of fintails.

1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail Rally on eBay


The below post originally appeared on our site October 25, 2012:

Towards the end of then 1960s, Mercedes-Benz finally laid the automotive fad that was the rear tailfin to rest. Never one to give into trends, it was rather surprising that the typically conservative company from Stuttgart would give in and feature such a bold styling cue. The W110 were the bread and butter midsize sedans for Mercedes through most of the decade. In 1965, the lineup was given a refresh that introduced the M180 2.3 liter inline six to the lineup that you see here in our feature car.

Not only was the W110 at the forefront of Mercedes-Benz’s crash testing efforts, but a few of the W110 and larger W111 Heckflosse models were successful in competition.…

1991 Mercedes-Benz 2.3: REVISIT

The mint, low mileage 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 located in Texas that we featured in July is back up for sale. It’s not the powerhouse of the 190E crew, but with mileage this low, this car has a lot of life left in it and would be a great buy for someone seeking old school Mercedes engineering mixed with a good dose of economy.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 on eBay – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site July 26, 2012:

The Mercedes-Benz 190E was the car that introduced consumers to the idea that of a compact Mercedes-Benz. This small luxury sedan would eventually be revered for its longevity and brought the idea of Mercedes ownership closer to upwardly mobile consumers in the 1980s. My father drove a 1992 190E 2.6 for a few years and while it wasn’t the most exciting car I had ever driven, I remember it fondly for it’s smooth power, excellent build quality and durability. It’s getting harder to find nice examples of the Baby Benz, as it was called, these days. But two have cropped up this week, one with the 2.3 liter four cylinder engine, the other with the 2.6 liter inline six.

First up, we have a 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 with a very low 50,000 original miles for sale in Texas.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 on eBay

Hi Folks,

Up for grabs is a beautiful low mileage 190E finished in Pearl Blue over Blue. Car has been garged and well maintained. It gets compliments everywhere I go. You just don’t see very many in their orginal well preserved state any more. I am a huge Mercedes fan and really enjoy driving and caring for older Mercedes. We are in the middle of a move, and the wife would prefer I not bring along all the toys.

2001 BMW C1 200cc Scooter – REVISIT

The BMW C1 Scooter that we featured two weeks ago has been relisted. For sale in Chicago from our reader Johnny, this is an uncommon piece here in the US and already has a fair amount of bidding interest this time around.

2001 BMW C1 200cc Scooter on eBay – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site September 10, 2012:

We’ve had a few oddball machines here at GCFSB over the years, but this may be the most unexpected feature vehicle yet. The BMW C1 was devised with city dwellers in mind. An enclosed scooter, the C1 was designed around a safety theme, as it had shoulder belts, crumple zones and an aluminum roll cage. Two models were offered, the 125 and 200, which had a 124cc or 176cc one cylinder engine, respectively. Manufactured by Bertone and sold between 2000 and 2003, the C1 was never offered to US customers. This particular C1 comes to us from our reader Johnny and is located in Chicago.

2001 BMW C1 200cc Scooter on eBay

We have a lot of time, effort and money into listing this motorcycle on eBay. Please be respectful of that and be certain that you intend to follow through with the sale. Your bid is a contract to buy. We have the listing set up to accept bids only from US bidders in an effort to prevent scammers from ruining the auction. If you are a legitimate bidder outside of the US and you have a way to have the bike picked up at our location without it being crated, please e-mail Chris at chris@motoworkschicago.com. Provide him with your ebay ID and confirm that you can arrange international shipping and have the bike picked up uncrated at our location in Chicago, and he will gladly add you to the list that allows you to bid.

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG “Mallet” Wagon – REVISIT

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

Another revisit for us. This happens with really conspicuous cars, particularly ones that just don’t seem to find owners who want to hold on to a car for the long haul. We first posted about this car back in 2008 and it is now up on eBay again for sale by We Be Autos.

The car didn’t sell at $48k and then again at $38k, garnering bids only up to $20k back then. It is now up with a buy-it-now price of $29,995.

The car has 77,800 miles on it and has taken on the Mallet moniker in homage to the AMG Hammer name. The seller says there is $40,000 in receipts, which are worth checking out to see how recent the “mechanical restoration” work was done.

Very cool car, that would have been one of the most awesome things on the road when new. I appreciate all the photos of the car, but wish they weren’t all taken in a dimly lit Mad Max style warehouse.

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

The seller has posted a video of the car:

The below post originally appeared on our site July 29, 2008:

Bring a Trailer has been on fire recently with their finds, but this one really rang my bell. A W124 wagon project car done up like an AMG Hammer of the period.

1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale

I love everything about this car. A monster 6L motor, all black on black color scheme, classic late 80’s styling with AMG monoblocks, light colored wood interior, etc, etc… It’s a cherry ride. But honestly, unless this car is a documented AMG one-off, I’d be very curious to see who’d justify the $48k buy-it-now. It’s an incredible car, but c’mon… I hope the seller and community rise to the occasion to prove it authenticity because it’s a fantastic car.…

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – REVISIT

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – updated eBay link

This car is back up for sale almost a year after originally appearing on our site and it warranted a bump back to the front page because it is now on ebay with no reserve.

Since November it has added 1,000 miles to 79,000. When it last appeared the ask price was $21,000. Now with no reserve actual market value will be seen. Someone may get a deal on this if it stays under the radar, which me posting about it probably isn’t helping. (sorry to those of you bidding).

Prices on these are going up and while the nearly $150,000 we saw earlier this year on the Prince of Monaco’s W126 coupe was quite crazy $20k for this may not be a surprise, though I bet it will sell a few thousand short of that. The Wald kit does add to the rarity and is not an obnoxious body kit, but subtlety add to the looks of the car.

The below posting appeared on our site November 6, 2011:

One of these appeared in my neighborhood recently, a nice very stock, late model 560SEC. Years later these are still nice cars and still generate demand from enthusiasts.

The one featured here has extra good looks coming from the Wald international of Japan body kit. It also has nice AMG rims and has been lowered. Clear corners and smoked tails compliment the look. The car has 78,000 miles and the owner claims $20,000 in receipts.

Inside the stereo has been upgraded with a number of new parts. The dash features white-faced gauges and there is also a BBS wood or wood look steering wheel. One thing that dates Mercedes of this era is the gray interior they put on so many cars.…