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1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

$_57 (1)

The Westfalia rollercoaster continues with today’s 1987 model looking like an outstanding value. With many Westfalias reaching above $30k (way above, in some cases), this one comes in at about half that. It’s done its share of roadtripping, with 200k miles on the van, but the engine was rebuilt just 12k miles ago, indicating tons of fun yet to come. Despite some questionable wheel covers, it looks very clean inside and out. Bidding is hot, reflecting a market hungry for affordable Westfalias.

Click for details: 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia on eBay

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1986 VW Jetta Coupe 16-Valve Swap

The MK2 Jetta Coupe is a bit of an odd duck, a point I discussed with fellow blogger Carter at a recent meet-up of other German car owners. There was a very clean, modified-but-restrained example at the show, and as much I enjoyed inspecting it, I agreed that it seemed like an unusual car for Volkswagen to have even considered assembling. Still, despite it answering a question nobody asked, the Jetta Coupe had great proportions (in my opinion) and was certainly attractive despite being somewhat pointless. This car has benefited from what appears to be a cleanly-executed swap, and is up for grabs at a very reasonable price. Though I’m not much of an aftermarket wheel guy, ATSs are a great choice for MK2 Volkswagens.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 VW Jetta Coupe 16-Valve on eBay

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1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC

The Corrado remains one of those cars I need to drive, if only to satisfy my curiosity in owning an SLC. Is it at all gratifying? Is it really just a heavy front-wheel drive coupe with killer looks but lacking in killer handling? Will I ever grow tired of watching the rear wing automatically raise itself at speed? All burning questions, not helped by the fact that stock versions like this one are difficult to find. Although I much prefer the gorgeous Speedline wheels that many SLCs are graced with, I don’t mind the impossible-to-clean BBS’s on this 1993 for sale in New York. However, this seller really needs to add some interior photos so I can feel better about the so-so cosmetic condition.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC on eBay

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1977 Volkswagen Scirocco Champagne Edition

The Volkswagen Scirocco was one of those cars for me that felt like we didn’t know what we had until it was gone. Now I find myself looking at the new generation Scirocco longingly when I find myself across the pond, wondering if those of us stateside may get treated to this sharp looking two-door sports coupe. Sure, it’s based on Golf mechanicals, but much like the original Mk1 Scirocco and the Karmann Ghia that preceded it, these cars were all about style being applied to rather lowly underpinnings. This Mk1 Scirocco for sale in Connecticut has some issues, but is a pretty solid example that could use a little TLC.

looks to be a downright gem, on its third owner with its original engine and gearbox and benefitting from an interior retrim. They don’t get much nicer, or OEM, than this.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco Champagne Edition on eBay

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1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel LS

$_57 (4)

A Rabbit Diesel is about the lowest rung of autos we write up here, and that’s exactly why I like to draw attention to them. As everyone rushes out to buy their kids and significant others various hybrid commuters and electric Fiat toys, I wish they’d broaden what they consider efficient cars. Having seen roadtrips well above 50 mpg in a Mk4 Jetta diesel, a Mk1 seems like a great, inexpensive way to get around town efficiently. They remind me of simpler times, and I wish more people felt the same way. This little survivor spent much of its life being towed behind an RV and has driven under its own power for just 100k miles. The 200k miles on some of the running gear is negligible in the face of the utility the little diesel could provide for hundreds of thousands of miles to come. All this for a few grand? Now THAT’S efficient.

Click for details: 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel LS on eBay

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