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1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI


The Volkswagen B3/4 Passat has always been a rather anonymous sedan, not as sporty as the Jetta that it stood above nor sharp compared to the other blocky European sedans of the day. Anonymity is valued by many, however, and in the world of commuter cars, it can pay to fly under the radar. This black on tan 1996 Passat just does that, and has the 1.9-liter diesel to make it a great commuter choice. Bland looks and personality aside, this is one of the cleanest B4s I’ve ever seen, looking nearly showroom-fresh inside and out. Roughly 130k miles on a TDI is similarly “good as new,” making this a unique chance at a model that would otherwise be completely unremarkable.

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1968 Volkswagen Beetle

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At the beginning of the month, we took a look at a restored 1969 Volkswagen Beetle that almost seemed a bit over restored, given this car’s original intention as basic transportation for the people. Now comes along another restored Beetle of similar vintage, this time a 1968 example in Sahara Beige. If the aforementioned Diamond Blue Beetle was a bit over the top for your tastes and OEM is your thing, you’ll want to scope out this Bug.

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1976 Volkswagen Scirocco


The first-generation Scirocco only gets better with age, the classic Giugiaro design combining rectilinear lines with personality in a way that would characterize German cars for the next two decades. From the low, snub-nose to the glorious, mantis-like C-pillar window frame that exaggerates the Hofmeister Kink to an extreme. Original examples have their own charms, but today’s is just about perfectly done with a ground-up restoration and OEM+ modifications throughout. Some clean Euro retrofits on the exterior combine with an interior that will remind you every day that this car is from the 70s; the plaid makes the Mk1 GTI’s classic fabric look subtle. The 16v 2.0-liter completes the package, making this a looker and a mover – and about as good as VWs get.

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Subaru’d 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Weekender

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The Vanagon Weekender is a nice alternative to the full-on Westfalia treatment, lacking the fluid, electric, and gas inlets/outlets, but still possessing great campability with a pop-top, table, and folding rear bed. Today’s Weekender has undergone the popular Subaru flat-4 conversion, bringing a little more power and reliability compared the old VW wasserboxer. You could see the Weekender and non-turbo Subaru engine as compromises, or as very capable options that keep costs down. That’s the lens I choose to see this Vanagon through; it’s not a high-powered, fully-optioned and mega-expensive model, but it has the right bits to get the job done.

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1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet

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The Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet still exists abroad, but for drop top VW fans in the US, the two choices offered are the Beetle Cabriolet and the soon to be extinct Eos. For years, the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit Cabriolet carried the torch in this market niche, bringing the charm of the old Beetle Cabriolet into the front-engined, water-cooled era. While they carry the stigma of being a car for the fairer sex, these Cabriolets offer a lot of fun for not much money. This 1990 Cabriolet for sale in Missouri was brought to our attention from our reader Albert, and has yet to break 50,000 miles.

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