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1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

$_57 (1)

Many of my current escapist daydreams involve Vanagons, and while it’s fun to imagine going huge and having a low-mileage Syncro Westy, we all know those are some of the most expensive 80s Germans out there. In the face of that extreme investment, I’m ok bringing my expectations back down to earth and just looking for a decent, inexpensive van that can serve as a home away from home for a while. In that case, finding a lower-mileage example that has good bones but could use some love seems like the pragmatic starting point. Despite some cosmetic blemishes, everything on this aircooled Westy works and it’s only covered 92k miles. Sounds like a lot of fun for well under ten grand!

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1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC

Volkswagen’s model lineup in the US has expanded rapidly over the last decade but as with many manufacturers, they save their most tasty treats for the home market. Such is the case with the Scirocco, the Portuguese built sports coupe based on the Mk5 Golf chassis. While we have received every iteration of the GTI, VW seems to feel that bringing the Scirocco to the US will eat into sales of the hot hatch. I tend to disagree, but then again, I’m not sitting in the Volkswagen Group’s budget office. Still, it’s rather sad we haven’t seen a sports coupe since this car we see here, the Corrado. This SLC for sale in Virginia Beach has the desirable VR6/5-speed manual drivetrain and they rarely come this nice anymore, with this one showing just over 50,000 miles on the odometer.

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2004 Volkswagen R32

$_57 (6)
The new Golf R is a force to be reckoned with, making the first appreciable increase in power since these MkIV R32s brought 4WD performance and the R moniker to the VW Golf lineup. While the new 2.0 liter turbo four may produce a lot more power, the open-flapped exhaust on these 3.2 liter VR6s will still turn more heads. Having covered just over 40k miles means this is one of the best examples on the market, so the seller is going big and asking for $20k. Yes, that’s well on its way to a new GTI or slightly used Golf R, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the original R32.

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1989 Volkswagen Caravelle Syncro

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.26.05 PM

Most of the T3 Syncros we see in the US are megacampers, done up with lots of GoWesty parts to take a shot at being the toughest van out there. Today’s Syncro used to belong to a German fire department but comes delightfully bare; a tin top with standard wheels and hubcaps keep it extra stock, with just the white top and bright red paint alluding to its public service history. There’s no camper or even bed in the back, but you can seat 9 people in this thing! With fewer than 50k miles, it’d go for something crazy on this side of the pond, but in Germany the T3 supply helps keep prices low.

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1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Carat

There is one vehicle I’ve been on the lookout for ever since I started writing for GCFSB. The Porsche B32. Not familiar with this Porsche? Well, that’s because it really isn’t a Porsche. Rather, it’s a Volkswagen T3 Transporter, or Vanagon, as we knew them in the US market, with a Porsche heart. Motivated by a 3.2 liter flat-6 out of a 911 Carrera, this was one quick people mover. Only a handful of these über Vanagons were devised as a chase vehicle for the Porsche Group B 959s competing in the Paris Dakar Rally. The chances of getting your hands on a B32 are highly unlikely, but a few have attempted the Porsche flat-6 conversion themselves. If speed isn’t your concern but you like the aggressive B32 look, this 1990 Vanagon Carat may be the ticket.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Carat on eBay

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