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1988 BMW 325ix Touring

$_57 (1)

The E30 Touring influx is reaching critical mass, and where they used to come up once every few months, they are available in various levels of trim on eBay and craigslist around the country. The black on black one we recently featured was very tempting, but pretty spendy. Today’s receives negative points for the automatic transmission, but overall is looking outstanding in Royal Blue and some shiny BBS wheels. 167k miles is nothing to sneeze at, but the bids are starting much lower than the black edition’s $12,500 asking price. If you’re third pedal-averse but live in an area with actual seasons, this is the E30 touring for you!

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Double Take: 2001 BMW 325i Touring vs. 2000 BMW 528i Touring

I’d like to consider myself a practical person. This could partly be the reasoning behind my aversion to the SUV. Sure, these vehicles can go anywhere, but how much of the time do you really need a car like that? Then we have the crossover. Don’t want the whole hog when it comes to four-wheel drive capability? Cool. We’ll slap some plastic fender flares in a contrasting color on an otherwise decent looking estate vehicle, jack it up a bit, add all-wheel drive and call it a day. A car like this might be a bit more fuel efficient and realistic for everyday use than a purpose built truck, but let’s face it, wouldn’t a regular estate vehicle suffice for most? Looking over this low mileage 2001 BMW 325i Touring for sale in Florida brings that question to the forefront.

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1997 BMW 525tds Touring


We’re raised in the US to think that all BMWs are all full-leather, optioned-out, powerful luxury machines. Then we ‘Mericans set one foot in Europe and see BMW cabs and dented city cars running around on steel wheels and get thoroughly confused. Unfortunately for us, BMWs standard of engineering and handling extends much further than just catering to yuppies. Fortunately for us, some zealous souls bring these oddities over, like today’s diesel E39 wagon. Sure, I’d love a 540iT or even a 528iT, but wouldn’t it be sweet to get Prius gas mileage with the good looks and handling of the E39 longroof? Today’s your chance with this double-import, first to Canada and then officially to the US. Cloth seats and celsius temperature readings mean this is no American Bimmer, and that makes it an interesting proposition indeed.

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1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Estate

Mercedes-Benz is one of those companies that has been consistent in offering estate vehicles, or the station wagon as it is known to those of us in the US. Sometimes the variety of their offerings is less rather than more, but right now, it’s pretty neat that you can order a high horsepower V8 beast under the hood of a W123 E class estate, which has been the staple 5-door offering from Mercedes. We did get the C-class estate in the form of the W203 for a few years, but Mercedes has never dabbled with an estate variant of their big boy, the S-class. Nor, frankly, have any of their competitors. A few determined coachbuilders have set out to make an S-Class estate, such as Crayford back in the 1970s with the W116 S-class. This 560SEL estate for sale in Germany is one of the best executed, most OEM looking of all the coachbuilt estates, but it comes with a hefty asking price.

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2000 BMW 540i Touring with 26k miles

When friends and associates come to me and ask for my advice on large SUVs, I can’t help think that if I’m going to have a utility oriented vehicle with a large engine, why not make it fun? This is exactly where the E39 BMW 540i Touring comes in. Sure, it doesn’t have all-wheel drive, but it does everything else a mid to large sized SUV can, and rather well. Under the hood is the familiar 4.4 liter V8, coupled to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. Add to that cornering abilities that no truck could match and you have a recipe for family fun. As BMW’s commercial for the E39 stated when it debuted “why float through life, when you can drive?”

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