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1966 Porsche 912

After Porsche debuted the 911 all the way back in 1963, certain enthusiasts lamented the fact that a lower cost option was no longer available, as the six-cylinder engine increased the cost of the famous rear-engine sports car from Stuttgart considerably. Enter the 912. Powered by a four cylinder engine similar to that found in the 356, it lowered the price point where Porschephiles of more modest means could enjoy the newly introduced model. Today, even the lesser engined 912 has been increasing in cost, but in terms of vintage 911s, it is more affordable. This 912 for sale in Arizona is like taking a step back in time with the orange paintwork and steel rims/chrome hubcap combinations.

Year: 1966
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,012 mi
Price: $25,750 Buy It Now

1966 Porsche 912 on eBay

Here is a gorgeous 1966 Porsche 912 5-gauge 5-speed that is in excellent condition!! This car has been in California and Arizona its entire life and is a very solid 912. This is an incredible find!!! This 912 has had tens of thousands of dollars poured into it recently and it truly shows! This car has been treated to a recent paint job, brand new interior, new windshield, every piece of weather strip ($1800 worth), every piece of chrome trim re-plated, all new felts, all new bumper trims and side trims, etc.. This car is like a time capsule, it hasn’t been modified and molested like so many other 912s. This car even retains its factory carbs and according to my research this car retains its original engine as well as its original transmission. This car is in excellent condition with its beautiful factory finish of Bahama yellow over a new black interior, factory original date coded wheels, 5 speed transmission and optional 5 gauge dash. These Porsches are incredibly fun to drive and very economical to drive every day!!! The early 911/912s with the short wheels base are great cars to own and represent the beginning of Porsches legendary sports car!!! This car is represented as it left the factory and is an unmolested car. It is in excellent condition and will surely make its new owner happy.

Exterior: This 912 is finished in the rare and desirable Bahama Yellow paint finish and is in great condition. The car was completely stripped down and taken apart for the paint job. The hood, doors, trunk, bumpers, all the trim, glass, all of the chrome surrounds etc.. were removed from the car prior to paint. During this time all of the Chrome window frames, door handles, etc… were sent out to be chromed or polished at a considerable expense. When the car was reassembled it received all new rubber trim, weatherstrip and gaskets that’s on the car. A total of about 1800 dollars worth of seals. The car was then put back together and received a new windshield in the process. Overall the exterior of this 912 is in excellent condition.

Interior: The beautiful black interior is all new and in excellent shape. The seats, carpet, door panels, headliner dash etc… have all been reupholstered and are in excellent condition. Lots of money and time was spent picking out the materials and the overall outcome is excellent. The interior looks virtually like a new car. This car is equipped with the optional 5 gauge dash with outside temperature gauge, and clock which are currently not working. All of the other gauges are in great working order. The “period correct” radio is also currently not functioning, which if you ask me, could either use some updating or simply just leave it off and enjoy the drive. The seats are very comfortable and due to the large windshield the driver is given a commanding view making it easier to hit the apex of each corner perfectly. The car retains its original steering wheel and that feels great in your hands. The large steering wheel, short dashboard, and floor hinged pedals really make ever occasion behind the wheel feel like something special. The interior of this car is in excellent condition and is a great place to spend the weekend driving up your favorite twisty roads!

Engine: The 912s engine has plenty of power from the factory to accelerate this light weight car with ease. These engines were ahead of there time and are remarkably durable. This car according to my research retains its original engine (engine number 933157), transmission and carburetion. This car is an absolute blast to drive, the engine runs and sounds terrific, the transmission shifts perfectly through all 5 gears and the suspension and steering is nice and tight. This is a great running and driving car. I have put a few hundred miles on this car in both heavy traffic as well as 75mph freeway trips and the car never skips a beat. The steering is nice and tight and free of “slop”. The brakes feel great and the car stops with ease. This 912 sails along at modern freeway speeds without breaking a sweat and does it comfortably. Overall this car has been well maintained and is in great running condition.

The 912 is an excellent weekend toy or daily driver. This is a great chance to own a very nice 912 at a reasonable price before they sky rocket like the 911s have in price!!! This car is in excellent condition both inside and out. The car is currently located in Scottsdale Arizona. I can help arrange shipping anywhere in the world and international buyers are welcome to enjoy this gorgeous Porsche!! Please do not hesitate to call me or email me with any questions. Justin (602) 339-2416

Clean 912s like this one are settling around the mid $20,000 mark, with exceptional examples reaching into $30,000 territory and approaching $40,000. For what this example is offering, I would say it’s priced realistically. It’s amazing to think that the basic 911 formula is still with us after all these years, but looking back to the genesis of the breed, it’s not hard to imagine why that is so.