1977 BMW 3.3 LiA

The BMW E3, or “New Six” was the grandfather to today’s modern 7 series. This was a car that helped BMW emerge from the brink of collapse post World War II and bring it towards the prosperity it experienced in the 1980s. While the stablemate E9 coupe is fairly sought after in today’s market, the E3 has flown a bit under the radar. This 1977 3.3 LiA is a late model build, as 1977 would be the last year for this model. The baton would then be passed to the E23 7 series would then take the top spot in the BMW range. While this is a right-hand drive model, this car was too nice to pass up for a feature, sitting pretty on Alpina rims in a handsome hue of Anthracite metallic.

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Year: 1977
Model: 3.3 LiA
Engine: 3.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 62,895 mi
Price: $93,097

FOR SALE; Incredibly rare, the flagship 70s BMW sports limousine.

Power sunroof, PAS, Leather interior, Front fog lights, Air Conditioning, Power passenger mirror, Power windows, Rear Reading lights, Heated rear screen, Dash clock, FM/AM Radio, Manual Radio antenna.

The rare 3.3Li Sports limousine is finished in a pristine coat of Anthracite metallic that is close on flawless. Incredibly expensive when new with few built they were a rare sight in the 70s and largely non existent today. This example has spent its time inside evident from the condition of the body which has avoided the fate of many 70s BMW, this car has never had any welding or suffered from corrosion issues.

The chrome work is in near perfect condition with a deep shine, the only sign of its age being the small rear bumper connecting sections. The light lenses are clear and crack free.

The black leather interior is mark free and the leather still soft and supple. All the dash lights work, the radio crackles into life as it should and the air conditioning still blows ice cold with the power sunroof still in perfect operation for those wanting a bit of sunshine. The condition is quite unbelievable and complemented by the original Coco mats that remain wear free.

The boot is immaculate, with all the fragile plastic trim covers in good order. The spare wheel (14inch), jack and wrench all sit neatly in the spare wheel well. The full tool kit is present although sporting green handles rather than the original red items.

The straight 6 3.3L engine is in perfect working order. The car has undergone a thorough service and mechanical overhaul with our BMW technician to ensure the car is perfect. As such it fires into life easily, warms to temperature and drives impeccably.

This 3.3Li is fitted with highly sought after genuine 16 Inch staggered Alpina wheels that have been recently refurbished and wrapped in brand new michelin tyres. The original 14 inch wheels are included in the sale and again are in pristine condition still with some period Michelin XWX tyres.

Calipers, discs and pads have been replaced all round with the fluid replaced.

First registered on 01/05/77 this Sports Limousine has had just one previous owner, with the last change in keeper over 35 years ago. The blue plastic history file holder is present along with the owners manuals and rare 3.3Li supplementary owners handbook. The V5 is an old blue style document.

Please visit our website for a full write up and additional photographs.

The car is supplied having had an extensive intake inspection. Warranty, Finance, Part Exchange and Worldwide shipping are all available on request.

Even though this 3.3 LiA is a one owner car with just over 60,000 miles, I was taken aback by the price. This is certainly higher than any other E3 I’ve come across on the market. No doubt this one will probably take a little while to change hands, especially considering the right-hand drive might put off prospective buyers from left-hand drive countries. We haven’t seen an E3 crack the $12,000 mark here on GCFSB, but realistically, if you find a minter, you’re probably looking at somewhere around $20,000 to $25,000 at the high end. Are values of these cars on the rise? An example like this can certainly act as a bellwether for that question.


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  1. I can see this being maybe a $30,000USD car, but that asking price is pure cray-cray.

  2. I had to re-read that price at least three or four times before it sunk in…

  3. Sorry this car is absolutely stunning if it is exactly as represented…BUT even with that 93k ask???
    So many more outstanding cars to buy at that number…and it would kill me to have someone say..”What a nice Bavaria”…LOL

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