2000 BMW M Roadster

I’ll just come right out with it: I really don’t like the styling of the Z3. Never have and presumably at this point never will. And it isn’t even something specific, but rather the entire package. So, back in the late ’90s, when BMW announced they would be releasing the Z3-based M Roadster and M Coupe I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect nor whether I’d like it. I did. The M Coupe is a wonderful design in its own ridiculous looking way and the M Roadster seems to fix whatever styling problems I had with the Z3. It’s funny how more power and a better suspension can work its magic, right? They are still peculiar looking cars with odd proportions, but those curvier and more muscular looking lines fill out the body nicely and bring the entire package together. Some designs were just meant to be pushed to their extreme and the Z3 clearly seems like one of those. With better styling also comes better performance and even the early models with their lower-power S52 engine still pack a nice punch. This striking example is a Dakar Yellow 2000 BMW M Roadster, located in California, with just 20,446 miles on it.

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Year: 2000
Model: M Roadster
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 20,446 mi
Price: Reserve Auction ($23,000 Buy It Now)

I am the original owner of this 2000 BMW M Roadster. 3.2 inline 6 with a 5 speed*

manual transmission. Simple the best sports/touring car I have ever owned in my life,*

removable factory hard top, all the factory trunk tools are complete.*

Condition of the vehicle: Exterior is in like new condition, color Dakar yellow, grey/black

interior, garage kept since new. As close as you can get to factory new today. The interior

is also in like new condition (non-smokers). The leather driver’s seat has a small superficial

rub mark and one rear wheel has a rim blemish, kissed a curb parking. Tires are in excellent condition. Car only needs the soft top plastic rear window replaced due to fading.

Overall, this is a rare car with excellent styling and design. Every line is curving and

every curve is a complex curve. With so few made, it is not likely to find many in this

condition. Auto title is clear / no back fees or issues / clean history / $23,000.*


We aren’t treated to the best set of pictures here so judging the quality is somewhat tough, but from what we see this M Roadster looks in very nice shape. This one is mostly about the Dakar Yellow exterior and even though the pictures appear shaded the paint still looks good, it just doesn’t pop quite as much as we might hope on a car with low mileage. In person, that effect might change. The hardtop is a nice option to have even if the Z3 family always has looked a little funny with the top up. Since it comes with the car, a buyer with little interest in the hardtop should be able to sell it for a decent amount and recoup some of the original cost if he or she so desires. About that, the asking price is high as we many times see the S52 examples going for a few grand under $20K. This one has some significant pluses with the color, low mileage, and hardtop, but I’m not sure those bring the value up to $23K.


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