1980 BMW 733i

We featured a pair of BMW 733i sedans back in July and I thought it was rather curious these cars surfaced almost simultaneously. Unlike the E24 6 series, 2002 and E30 3 series, these cars just aren’t out there in volume like some of their more popular stable mates. Just a few months later, here we have another 733i with a 4-speed manual transmission for sale in Florida.

1980 BMW 733i

1980 BMW 733I 4-door sedan. Florida owned, stunning gray exterior, parchment leather trimmed interior. 3.3 fuel-injected inline six engine, Getrag 4-speed manual transmission. Additional creature comforts include supple leather, AM/FM stereo cassette player with power antenna, full power accessories like mirrors and windows, power sunroof, climate control with A/C, check control panel, central locking system, heated rear window, tilt steering column, trunk mounted tool kit, central hydraulic system, double pivot front axle, 6-way manual adjustment front seats, removable rear headrests, alloy wheels and more. You are bidding on a pristine 1980 BMW 733i with just 28912 miles.

The best 733i out there might fetch around $10,000. With the manual transmission, this car may or may not be more appealing to certain folks, but it’s a shame this car has the 4-speed gearbox and not the 5-speed. With a starting bid of $7,500 and the reserve not met, I would say there isn’t much room here to go up. If anything, this might be a $6,000 to $7,000 car all day long.


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  1. Less than 29K miles on a 32-year-old 733i? There needs to be some documented history to support that mileage claim (733i’s weren’t typically the kind of car people bought and didn’t use). If the mileage is real, it needs a very thorough inspection – there are many very expensive things on these cars that don’t sit well for that long. The seller rattles of all sorts of features, but makes no mention of whether any of them actually work (particularly the AC). Yes, the 4-speed is a downer, but in the unlikely event that everything else checks out, it would be a relatively acceptable sacrifice. No mention about vehicle history either, which always leaves me suspicious – especially here.

    The best part though (after the crap about paying the dealer state taxes even if you are registering out of state) is this: “A dealer documentation fee also applies to all transactions ($695).” Are you freakin kidding?!? Maybe Florida has draconian dealer documentation requirements. No, this is exactly what appears to be – an obvious grab for substantial extra profit. No wonder some states feel it necessary to put legal limits the fees dealers can charge…

  2. I noticed this too and there is a whiff of too good to be true about it. I also don’t care for the color combo, machine grey and earth tone tan interior clash.

    COTC’s Exclusive 733i is still available by the original first owner to verify what was done to it, and for at least $3,200 less. Oh and it has the 5-speed. : )

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