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1980 BMW Euro 323i For Sale

I don’t know, this Euro 323i looks sharp enough.  A mild restoration and some Euro goodness caught my eye.  See for yourself…

1980 BMW 323i For Sale:

From the seller –


You are bidding on an extremely rare 1981 323i Euro. Very well documented, As we continue through the description and pics , you are seeing the results of over $10,000 in restoration costs and while not factory stock, I think you’ll agree, this is one unique “ultimate driving machine”. The Euro model E21s differ quite a bit from the American spec versions: Larger, more powerful 6 Cylinder engine, fixed rear quarter windows, better suspension, slim bumpers, no side markers, different parking lights, better headlights, etc…) I’ve tried to cover as many particulars as I can in the following description but I’m sure I’ve neglected something so feel free to call.

* New OEM weather strip throughout

* New OEM rear quarter windows

* New OEM front windshield, Euro market green tinted glass

* New OEM front and rear bumper rub strips

* New OEM E30 style spoiler

* New Dsw track style wheels

* European H4/H1 Hella headlights

I’ve also included Euro style license plates, front and rear to help with the authentic look All exterior trim has received a “shadow-line” treatment as well

Mechanical: Stock E30 2.7 liter 6 cylinder

* True Euro engine, no catalytic converters

* All new vacuum lines, hoses and new air boot.

* New fuel lines and filters

* High temp plug wires

* New distributor cap and rotor

* Timing belt and water pump within the last 20000 miles

* 3.64 limited slip diff with redline fluids.

* New OEM BMW dual exhaust from manifold back.

* New axles and CV boots

* Front and rear Bilstein sports, front and rear H&R lowering springs

* All new bushings including front and rear sway bar bushings

* New tie rods and tie rods ends

* New steering knuckle and rag joint

* New calipers and vented rotors

* Korman Automotive rear strut-brace with integrated trunk-mount battery relocation

*Recaro Seats etc

Vin # WBAAH3101B7792812


If you were smog exempt this would make a neat driver and part time racer, except…

Well, this car was knocking around the salvage auctions a few months back.  I am guessing this is why the seller does not list the VIN in the post, for shame.  To make matters worse this car has at least 165k on her, not 95k as listed.

Granted, these could be minor oversights and I will give the seller the benefit of the doubt.  Sure, they did a great deal of work to this 323 but much of that could be ignored based on its dubious past.

I bring all this up as a reminder to be careful out there.  We are all here due to our, sometimes irrational, love of fine German automobiles.  The problem with that is this love can cloud our judgement and those without our best interests in mind may take advantage of that fact.

This has been a public service announcement 🙂



  1. AlwaysFixing
    AlwaysFixing January 29, 2012

    Good tip. It looks really good if one doesn’t know the background. Is there profit in these restorations?

  2. Aaron
    Aaron January 29, 2012

    My pleasure, and there is money to be made. I just prefer full disclosure in doing so.

  3. Jim
    Jim January 31, 2012

    Hello Everyone am the owner of the car matter of fact i did buy it from a local dealer in california and he had the documents for it from the first owner never been salvagedue to any accident they took the car apart and restore it from ground up also it came with a new cluster from germany Runs Great one of its kind , so if YOU HATE CANT BLAME YOU LOL TAKE IT EASY.

  4. Aaron
    Aaron February 1, 2012

    For what it’s worth the buy it now has been reduced to $8,888.

  5. Darren P.
    Darren P. February 2, 2012

    Just a quick follow up. Ran VIN. Took less than a minute. Recovered theft or something like that. Salvage title issued late last year.
    Seller needs to check his facts before posting a response.
    As stated on a previous comment, full disclosure is warranted…..

  6. AlwaysFixing
    AlwaysFixing February 2, 2012

    I’ve owned a recovered theft. There’s a reason cars get a branded title, trust me.

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