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1981 Mercedes-Benz 300D 4-speed manual

I’m always on the lookout for clean, well maintained W123 Mercedes-Benzes and came across this interesting specimen on eBay Germany this week. This is a non turbo, 5 cylinder 300D with a 4 speed manual. Most 300Ds and 300D turbos that showed up in the US were automatics, so it makes this one stand out from the crowd. With a new paint job and some tasteful interior accessories, it makes for an attractive “oldtimer”, as they would say in the Fatherland.

1981 Mercedes-Benz 300D 4-speed manual on eBay Germany

MB 300 Diesel W123. The most powerful diesel engine from Mercedes of its time!

Year: 08/09/1981
TÃœV (inspection)/ AU: 09/2013
Mileage: About 137,000 km Original! (approximately 85,127 miles)


Power steering
Steel sunroof
Tinted glass with green wedge
4-speed gearbox
Central armrest


The vehicle has been about a year in my possession. I bought the car from the first owner who had the vehicle from 08/09/1981 – 09/28/1989. The second owner had the car from 09/28/1989 – 06/02/2009. The third owner of the vehicle had 02/06/2009 to- end of 2010. The original Pappbrief exists.

During my possession, the vehicle was given new exterior paint, because the old paint was faded. The vehicle is in a really good condition. Dashboard has no cracks. Interior is clean, the seats are not sagging.

The following works were carried out on the vehicle:
The car got a new windscreen with green stripe
The springs and shock absorbers were also replaced the rear
Spacing and trace measurements were also carried out recently

For a 300’er Mercedes diesel engine, it’s just been run in well. One notices the very good and smooth running engine at once that has been regularly serviced and maintained. The vehicle is in technically impeccable condition. The transmission shifts with precision. The chassis and powertrain are in very good condition. The vehicle, on its 30th birthday received the coveted H plates. It had again gone through the main inspection, with the result “No Defects Found.” Zebrano/Leather steering wheel was very expensive, otherwise the old steering wheel would be mounted. For immediate purchase it remains installed at no extra charge!

H plate means free rides to all environmental zones, cheap insurance and road tax (Approximately €290 per annum). It’s best to come and see us and judge the car itself. Email with questions or visit simply for the purpose of vehicle. All warranties and guarantees are excluded. The vehicle must be deregistered and picked up within 7 days after auction end and payment.

I’m not a huge fan of this shade of beige, as it looks a little too taxi-like. These sedans looked much better in silver of the metallic blues that were equally as common. With mileage in the 80,000 range, this W123 is barely run in. I am a big fan of the European Hella headlights, as they differ slightly than the US sealed beam units to the discerning eye. All in all, a nice example of one of the most legendary Mercedes-Benzes for someone willing to go the extra mile and ship it from Europe.


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  1. Larry
    Larry October 6, 2011

    Nice find, Paul! Love the typically-optioned Euro-market W123 models (cloth seats, roll-up windows, etc.) with the more streamlined Euro-market bumpers and lights.

    As you said, the colors are not ideal, but livable. The simplicity of the non-turbo diesel engine and manual transmission means this one will stick around for a long time (probably longer than the body, if exposed to New England winter conditions).

    Probably not a consideraton, since the $11,394 BIN price (at current exchange rates) seems like too steep a starting point to seriously consider shipping it stateside.

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