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1983 Audi Quattro

For as long as I can remember, the Quattro community has been a tight-knit group. Unlike many other Johnny-come-lately brands, models or trim packages, the Quattro bred life-long devoted fans. To them, it was the be-all, end-all, and they have religiously kept track of every single of the 664 originally imported that they can find. Some have been lost along the way or brought back to the homeland, but the seller here – one of that devoted Quattro community – has begun to restore this one to former glory:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 Audi Quattro on eBay

Year: 1983
Model: Quattro
Engine: 2.1 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 143,555 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

1983 audi ur quattro

These cars are becoming harder to find. Especially solid cars such as this.
I purchased this car during the summer. Saving it from an auction and uncertain future. In doing research I found the car was for sale on the east coast. In full disclosure here is the info posted from that seller:


“1983 Audi Quattro (Ur-Quattro) A rare opportunity to purchase an Ur at a reasonable price. A solid example… but is in need of some work. The work I have done… Approximately 15,000 miles ago, rebuilt engine from a 1985 Audi 5000 was transplanted into this car (same type of engine with an upgrade of a timing belt tensioner) along with an oil & water cooled turbo from a 1991 Audi 200 20v. The shocks and tower bushings were replaced. Custom made stainless steel muffler from Germany. This car must have been made at the end of 1983, as it has many of the 1984 upgrades. The major improvement being the fuse box in the engine bay – see pic(I have seen many 83’s and have never seen this). It has a Momo steering wheel. Zermatt Silver and the Chocolate leather go together very nicely. Interior is in decent shape. That’s the good, an Ur speaks for itself – good & bad… but, here is a list of the bad. Most of which should not come as a much of a surprise) The engine runs great and starts right up, but under full throttle past 4000 rpms it sputters (guessing many of the air & vacuum hoses need replacement and probably a sensor or two). Secondary radiator in the grill has a pin hole. Center bearing on the drivetrain needs to be replaced. Brakes need some work… needs rotors (warped) & bleeding of fluid, etc. One window switch does not work. Odometer and tachometer have recently stopped working (cables probably need cleaning and lube). Sunroof crank knob is broken off (sunroof worked fine before the crank broke). Rear seat bottom has 2 small holes in the leatherfrom the seat belts (see pic). It needs paint… many spots of clear coat have peeled off. Driver side rear fender is dented (see pic). Some spots of rust… a few on the body andthe underside ofthe hood (see pics). There is evidence of somepaint work from before I owned it. Rear wing is cracked and old. Front windshield is cracked and will need to be replaced. Passenger side of the dash has a few cracks (see pic). Air conditioning does not work (never attempted to fix). ”

End or previous sellers listing

The car was then purchased by someone in Missouri or Oklahoma. I was told by a technician who wanted to start selling classic cars. During his ownership he added new brakes and lines, replaced windshield and had bodywork and new paint done. Unfortunately his business failed and the car was sent to auction. This man must have cared alot about this car as he took care in packaging all of the spare parts in boxes in the trunk. He replaced the windshield as well.

When I got the car I started replacing items including doing a tuneup of the engine to give a new future owner a smooth running engine. Getting the last plug out was met with failure as the plug was fused to the head and broke off. Instead of doing a quick fix I wanted a proper repair done so ordered a head from efi express ( well known audi urq shop on the east coast and my tuner for my other urq rally car ) he had it machined and replaced anything that wasnt 100 % in spec. The car was brought to a shop here in Michigan and head replaced.

List of new parts added:
Rebuilt head
Steel head gasket
New water pump
New timing belt
New thermostat
New radiator from coupe gt non aux cooler type
New lower radiator hose
New motor mount pass side (rubber cracked in old)
New tires
New sunroof crank
New exterior decals from audi germany
New accelerator cable from audi germany
New upgraded accelerator bushing under dash
New distributor cap, rotor, plugs
New oil filter , oil
Coolant system flushed new coolant
New battery
New from audi germany key blank to make spare
New fuel injector seals
New starter

The good:
Rare very solid car with only a couple of spots of rust found in the weep hols in lower trunk under the car.
Late model car with the desired late model fuse box and suspension

Items that need attention that Im aware of :
Engine has hesitation which may be vaccum line leaks and of intake sensor. I have purchased new correct vaccum line and sensor. Have not installed.
Drivers side power window in op. I removed switches. Needs new regulator.
A/C not working. I removed a/c condensor during radiator repair and will be in trunk
Old radiator and aux cooler included. Both need recored
Previous owner repainted car both bodywork was not perfect. Good driver and show not concours. Cracked lower front air damn. I would get euro bumpers.
The center diff lock inop. Could be switch or vaccum leaks. The awd does work.
The speedometer doesnt function and I have not looked into what is wring with it. Tach does work.
Radio not functioning. Wasnt a priority repair. Besides lisyening to a 5cyl audi turbo is much more fun. 😜
Thats all i can remember and have spent thousands trying to make the car right again. Unfortunately I dont have proper storage and the car should go on to someone who will continue to restore it.
The car is sold as is no warranty due to age. Has clear michigan title. Car was sold originally in Colorado then to east coast. Doesnt appear to have been driven in salt much as the underbody is in such good shape.

$500.00 paypal deposit due within 24 hours of auction end. Remaining balance due within 7 days of auction end via wire transfer or certified bank check which will be verified before title / car is released. I have a 100% ebay feedback score.

Please do not ask what the reserve is. I have listed it via auction as many people have interest.

Ask any questions via ebay. I have more photos.

This car is claimed in the advertisement to be Zermatt Silver Metallic (LY7Y), but it sure looks to me to be Diamond Silver Metallic (L97A) – a bit brighter than the Zermatt color. Both colors were available in the ’82/’83 model year, but Diamond disappeared in ’84. A look at the build sticker would solve the issue. The paintwork appears driver quality, as does the interior. Wheels have been upgraded to 200 20V/V8 quattro 15″x7.5″ BBD RG forged alloys; light, pretty and a lot cheaper than the proper 15″x8″ Ronals that are popular. Originally, the car wore 6″ Ronal R8s. The engine, too, was replaced with what sounds like a MC-1 turbo from a later Type 44.

There’s been a lot of quite expensive work and hard to find bits that have been done here; notable is the windshield replacement, a NLA item in the U.S.. Despite this, there’s still quite a laundry list of things to do. Yet this hasn’t slowed bidding at all, with active fans pushing $15,000 at time of writing with a few days to go. Does that sound like a lot for a semi-rusty restoration project Ur? It may to quite a few, but it shows the devotion that this model created.



  1. Cory
    Cory January 4, 2017

    I’m not buying the simple fix for the engine issue. Two owners now have been aware of the problem and not fixed it, while spending “thousands” on other repairs. Seller claims to have sensor and vacuum line that will fix the problem, but hasn’t bothered to install them even when the head was off.

    Doesn’t add up for me….at all.

    East coast, Michigan, new paint, new understating, rust hole in undercarriage, rusty hood. Me thinks there’s a lot of rust hiding.

    The seller proclaiming “no warranty due to age” strikes me as an odd thing to say. I don’t get a good feeling about this car.

  2. Jon
    Jon January 5, 2017

    I have the same issue on my urq. It’s quite common on most older Audi’s not just the urq. The information to fix it from the community and online is readily available. Just takes time and space to work on it which the owner doesn’t have. Nor do I. Still a blast to drive though. I even have the same rust hole on the undercarriage. Again, another common issue. This is a nice car. I’d pick it up if I didn’t have one already.

    As far as no warranty though? Come on, man. Most used cars, let alone ones over 34 years old, don’t have any warranty. Unfortunately, the seller has to declare this for people expecting a warranty. In other words, sold as-is. Like every other eBay listing…

  3. Cory
    Cory January 5, 2017

    Who’s buying a 34yr old quattro thinking there’s any chance in hell there’s a warranty, hahaha.

    Your point on the rust hole is well taken.

    I don’t know much about the quattro in particular, but how much time and space can it take to fix a vacuum leak? Just fix it already, sheesh.

  4. Cory
    Cory January 5, 2017

    I also woke up this morning and realized that this may be the only quattro I’ve ever been in/driven (I had just turned 16!). The original owner worked for my dad, and our families were friends. The car was silver, but I can’t confirm the chocolate interior. If anyone has access to the car fax and it shows original registration in Boulder, it’s likely the same car.

    Anywhoo, the car ended up getting stolen out of the garage by one of the sons friends during a high school party (dad was out of town). A week or so later the kid was pulled over doing 100+ in Arizona (that was fast back then). The car was recovered and returned.

    The owner used the quattro as his winter car, in the summer he drove a grey e30 M3.

    I was busy saving every penny to buy a GTI 16v, which I thought was totally just as good as an m3.

    Ahhh, those were the days…

  5. Rally43
    Rally43 January 5, 2017


    See replies:

    I’m not buying the simple fix for the engine issue. Two owners now have been aware of the problem and not fixed it,

    # When I bought the car I brought it home and started to replace items and did a search on the cars vin to dig into its history for which I had nothing to go on. During a tuneup the last plug to remove was seized to the head and broke off. Working on the drivability issue was not a priority at that point and I could have taken a short cut to do a quick sale but I have more integrity than that and chose to do a proper repair outlined in the ebay listing and recently just got it back. Where in the listing does ot say a ” simple fix ” ? I disclosed the issue and stated my experience was sometimes its either vacuum or sendor related and have both to try.

    while spending “thousands” on other repairs. Seller claims to have sensor and vacuum line that will fix the problem, but hasn’t bothered to install them even when the head was off.

    # I purchased both ” After ” my shop who did the repairs indicated there still was a hesitation under load and from my past urq ownerships those are two common issues for correction. Replacing the head and other parts were preventive for the future owner. Again, could have just slapped it together for a quick sale and not said anything about the drivability issue but thats not how I am.

    Doesn’t add up for me….at all.

    # Read the listing completely and see if it appears I was or am attempting to hide anything or its an honest listing.

    East coast, Michigan, new paint, new understating, rust hole in undercarriage, rusty hood. Me thinks there’s a lot of rust hiding.

    # Car came from Colorado 1984-2008 Evergreen,Ward co, then Longmont to Newjersey, Midwest where it was painted then I bought it. Search the vin on the interwebs you can see it wasnt in that bad of shape. Better yet look at the photos of the inner fender mount areas which are the number one spot on urq’s that rust. I disclosed what I saw and could find. The car does not have fresh undercoating and would be happy to supply you with a sample for testing if needed. Hood has surface rust on the underside. Undercarraige ( frame ) has no holes from rust. It has rust around the weep hole or drain hole(s) in the lowest spot in the trunk. Just small and part of the body not frame.

    The seller proclaiming “no warranty due to age” strikes me as an odd thing to say. I don’t get a good feeling about this car.

    # Its ebay and if you dont write it in the ad you will be called out for it. Would you provide a warranty on a 34 year old car ? I appreciate you dont get a good feeling on this car because that leaves them open for urq collectors to purchase and restore. Values have sharply increased in recent years $65,000 for a concours condition to $27,000 for a driver.

    This car really needs to be restored to what it once was. Too many are converted to 20v ( I own a group b rally replica 20v ) ive owned 6 urq’s so far and do not have the time to fully restore this one. If it doesnt sell I will hang on to it fix whats needed and price accordingly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the above 👍

  6. Christian
    Christian January 5, 2017

    Over the last 5 years, I have thought long and hard about picking up an UrQ. Classic, hand built, and what I dreamed of owning as a kid. But lack of access to a local old-old-school Audi tech led me to wait until I live in a more Audi supportive area (not Gainesville FL). So I picked up a 951. Still dream of an UrQ though.

    The 200tq wheels do look good on that car, not 8″ Ronal good, but darn good.

  7. Cory
    Cory January 5, 2017

    First of all, I want to be clear to all of the urq collectors who want to buy this car, but are concerned about what “Cory” from the internet thinks, that I have zero factual information about this car or this seller. I also don’t know much about urq’s. My comments were aimed more at the manner in which the car is being presented, and how that affected my perception of the car, not so much about it’s actual state of repair.

    There should be a name for the tactic where a seller of a car with a known defect, discloses the defect, implies the defect is easily corrected, but does not fix the car.

    I don’t like this because it creates the air of honesty (I disclosed an obvious defect!), implies the promise of a simple fix (vacuum line and sensor included!), but does not fix car (I don’t know if the fix will work, this could be bad!).

    Ad 1: I just replaced the intake sensor and vacuum line and the car runs like a champ!

    Ad 2: The car hesitates past 4k rpm. I replaced the intake sensor and vacuum line, but the problem persists. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, may need engine.

    BIG difference there.

    If I were selling a car and it had an obvious defect and a straightforward fix, I would make that repair. Then I don’t have to make excuses, I can claim a repair, and the car drives as it should. There is just so much upside to this that any reasoning for not making the repair should be questioned.

    The only reason I would sell a car with an obvious defect, imply a simple fix, but not repair the car, is if I was worried that the simple fix would not be a fix at all. Then I’m really screwed because I have to admit the defect but have either no solution, or a nasty one. Lots of downside there.

    Again I have no idea if the sensor and vacuum line will solve the problem on this car, or what the actual problem might be. But neither does the seller.

    This tactic is fairly common. There was a B6 S4 Avant posted on GCFSB recently with the same deal. Check engine light is on, I have the parts, easy fix, not fixed.

    Following this situation up with “no warranty due to age” heightens my skepticism. Most private sellers on ebay do not put no warranty in their ad. Mostly this is because it is already part of the item specifics in every ebay auction, but also because it never crosses most sellers minds. When a private seller reinforces how much warranty the car doesn’t have, I take notice. Not a big deal, but I notice. I thought is was particularly funny here because of the absurdity of a seasoned urq collector buying a 34 yr old car and thinking there was a warranty….on a car you can barely even source parts for. Hahahaha. It’s just out of place.

    I have never seen a VAG product to have undercoating that was applied after paint. From the pictures it looks like aftermarket, black, spray on, undercoating was applied to the wheel wells. I can’t see what’s underneath that.

    The car has a new coat of paint. I can’t see what’s underneath that either.

    If there are pictures of its pre-paint, pre-undercoating condition those should definitely be included in the ad.

    All of this is just some feedback about how one guy perceives the car. Nothing more.

    Good luck with the sale, she is pretty.

  8. Rally43
    Rally43 January 5, 2017

    I can assure all that there is no “Tactic” for selling this car except for trying to disclose what has been done by others or myself to allow a potential buyer to make his or her own decision to purchase the car. Perhaps It would have been better not to be truthful and just place a photo of the car with ” it runs like new “. 😖
    309 ebay transactions including other car sales since 2000 with 100% positive ratingsand zero complaints. Yeah I must be doing it all wrong 👍

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