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1983 Hartge H3 e30 For Sale in Washington

I’ve always been a sucker for BMW e30’s. They’re great little enthusiast machines with light weight, willing engines, solid handling, and rear wheel drive. Classic BMW formula for sure! The pick of the litter is the M3 of course, followed by the 325is model. But what if you wanted something in-between and even more rare than the M? Check out this 1983 Hartge H3 on Seattle Craigslist for $10k:

1983 Hartge H3 For Sale on Craigslist BMW e301983 Hartge H3 For Sale on Craigslist BMW e301983 Hartge H3 For Sale on Craigslist BMW e301983 Hartge H3 For Sale on Craigslist BMW e30

quote from the Craiglist post:

The car is one of the 5 H23s imported through Performance Plus in Florida during the 80s. It is the only Hartge they imported in Burgundrot Metallic. Out of the 5 that came in, I can only guess how many are still around. I hear there is another in San Diego. Scott Epstein formerly of Performance Plus was able to verify that my VIN was in fact one of theirs and also provided me pictures of the car when it was brand new.

The car was ordered with just about all of the Hartge options.

– Hartge cylinder head and valve cover
– Hartge header and exhaust
– Hartge Oil Cooler
– Hartge suspension including sway bars and strut braces
– Hartge long range fuel tank in the trunk
– Hartge steering wheel, shift knob, extra guage cluster
– Hartge Mono Wiper
– Hartge Valance, rear skirts and decklid spoiler

The car has 171,000 miles on it. It runs very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. Over the last year I sourced Hartge sideskirts and 15″ wheels from the wonderful BMW community. They aren’t correct for an 83 but they look great. The originally came with BBS RAs and no skirts. The car received a nice complete respray a few months ago as well. Glasurit was used all the way from primer to clear. I also swapped out the very tired tan cloth interior for a beautiful grey cloth interior out of a Baur. I still have the original Recaro seats as well.

Considering clean and well looked after 325is models can fetch something in the neighborhood of $7-9k (if you can find one!) and M3 models often hover in the $20k range, this very rare and exclusive gray market import looks pretty fetching at $10k, even with 170k+ miles. Throw on these 3 piece Hartge rims and really look the business!

I had trouble finding information on the e30 H3 model. Can anyone provide any details about this model in the comments?



  1. Patrick
    Patrick August 25, 2009

    This thing is seriously nice. The problem with E30s is that there’s nothing else quite like ’em as a reliable commuter and weekend track toy, so the prices tend to get a little nuts on the nicer examples.

    I’m biased, but E34s are *the* deal in the used car market right now. Racers don’t want ’em, their target market shuns anything older than a couple years, they haven’t been beaten on by young guys, most have been dealer serviced and most people in the market for a big sedan don’t want the headaches of owning an old German car.

    $10K will get you a decent high miles E34 M5 or a completely perfect E34 540i/6. A clean 535i or M50 powered 525i will cost $2500-$4500. All are almost as good as the E30 for all but autox and track use. Better power, balance, and build quality…but slower reflexes and crappy steering feel.

    I love driving E30’s. They’re magic, but the E28/E34 is a great second choice if you don’t want to drop $5K on a 25 year old car that’s had a hard life. 🙂

  2. Evan
    Evan August 25, 2009

    This car is a survivor. With all that mileage it was clearly well loved and used for what it was designed for. Neat to see such rare cars with that kind of mileage. E30s are great, easy to drive, fun in the twisties and quick enough without too much power to get an over-enthusiastic individual in much trouble.

  3. Dan
    Dan September 3, 2009

    Thanks for checking in and posting the link Ryan. Good luck with the sale!


  4. Dan
    Dan September 3, 2009

    Anyone who hasn’t clicked the link yet from Ryan is missing out on some excellent e30 Hartge wallpapers by the way!!

  5. Ryan
    Ryan September 15, 2009

    Car is sold and headed to Connecticut guys. Thank you!

  6. Dan
    Dan September 15, 2009

    Congrats Ryan! Was the sale via this site by chance? I always enjoy hearing about success stories!


  7. Ryan
    Ryan September 17, 2009

    Thanks Dan. The car actually sold to a fellow on R3V who had been following it since I bought it. Its going to a good home. Now I get to watch it drive away on the back of a truck in about 30 minutes 🙁 Thanks again!!

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