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1984 Volkswagen GTi – REVISIT

Back in January, this GTi popped up in strong, mostly original condition but with an even stronger asking price. I suggested it was unlikely to sell at $9,500 – and it appears I was correct, as it’s back up for sale with a substantial 20% price drop to $8,000. While that price is getting more realistic, it still strikes me as a bit strong considering the similar cars we’ve seen sell recently. Still, what other legendary classic car could you purchase for under $10,000 and enjoy at 10/10ths? Finding original examples of the hot hatch will continue to be difficult and always make me smile!

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The below post originally appeared on our site January 3, 2015:

Just the other day I caught the Wheeler Dealer episode where they restored a Mk.1 GTi. For me it was a trip down memory lane; my GTi also suffered the electronic woes and shift linkage problems that the one on the show did. Unfortunately for me, I was not nearly as talented a mechanic as Mr. China is – resulting ultimately in the end of my ownership of the now-legendary car. Of course, when I owned it they were still throw-away cars – while people liked seeing them, no one really considered them particularly collectable in the 1990s. However, since then clean and unmolested original GTis have steadily increased in value to the point where we’ve documented a few examples north of $15,000. Those were exceptions to the rule, though – we’ve also seen nice original condition cars struggle to make even half that amount. Today’s example seems to lie in the middle; clean and mostly original, lower mile and good condition with a $9,500 asking price:

Year: 1984
Model: GTi
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 116,700 mi
Price: $8,000 Buy It Now

If you are a VW Lover and have owned one of these great cars in your past now is the chance to own a real beauty. The vehicle has the fuel system redone along with a new fuel tank. I have had the master cylinder replaced along with all of the steel brake lines. The heater core was replace a few weeks ago along with a cat-back tectonics exhaust.
A must see and drive if you are really looking for a great classic. This vehicle is also being listed elsewhere and may sell prior to auction end.
Happy Bidding

Will the seller get that amount? That’s a hard question to answer, but it seems to be mostly dependent on how many buyers there are in the market right now. This car does appear to be really good and is the second very clean example we’ve seen come out of Connecticut – an area not known to be particularly friendly to the rust-prone A1s. The seller does document some maintenance that has been completed, and in particular the interior of this car appears to be very impressive compared to how most appear. However, $9,500 is a strong asking price – small details like the red calipers and Techtonics exhaust separate this car from an all-original, collector condition car that some seek out. Of course, those details are reasonably easily remedied – but considering the last example that was nearly all-original and similar mileage but documented since day one only fetched $5,500 last month, we can deduce that it’s unlikely that this car will hammer for nearly double that amount.


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  1. Cole
    Cole March 4, 2015

    Near impossible to find all the pieces if one were inclined to take on such a project, but a blue interior would be much better.. That Red interior didnt look very good new, and even worse with age. Doenst work at all on Black White and Red cars, but maaaaaayyybeeee on Silver ones. I always owned these with blue interiors – wish I still had either one of my 83 or 84

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