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1985 Mercedes 540SEC AMG Rare widebody find

I had only days earlier posted over on another blog about how rare the AMG 5.4 liter engine is and then this one shows up on eBay.

The car is in New Zealand now and has 51,000 miles, which is pretty low. It looks like it had been living in Japan, despite being left hand drive. It looks black in the photos, but the data plate paint code shows blauschwarz / midnight blue.

It has all the right AMG parts, the widebody kit, the fat AMG Penta wheels, the correct AMG 300 km/h speedo, steering wheel, and trunk badge. It even has the AMG exhaust including headers. The widebody kit will catch the average car guy’s eye, but the small blacked out 5.4 badge on the trunk will really turn the head of a Mercedes enthusiast. You will be hard pressed to find many Benzs out their wearing that badge. Interestingly the data plate on the car lists the code for the stock trunk badge delete so it may this car was destined from birth to get the AMG treatment.

The current owner has spent some big time dollars to get the car sorted since his purchase of $21,000 in 2009. He states it has $10,000 worth of new electrics, rubber, paint, and other detailing.

The seller includes numbers for those of you looking to verify:
VIN # WDB1260441A179770
Chassis # 1260441A179770
Engine # 117963 12 084502
Transmission # 722311 02 674399

The car is sitting at $9,300 with less than a day to go.

There is also a video of this car online here:


There are a couple of videos of other 5.4 liter AMG engined SECs online:



  1. Larry
    Larry April 10, 2011

    Auction ended with 16 bids reaching $9300 (reserve not met). Relisted with a Buy It Now of $23000.

  2. Marc
    Marc April 24, 2011

    Hello Evan, Maybe you can help, regarding the AMG Widebody you posted info about the other day.. I am interested in that car in NZ but the owner does not have records and does not know about the Vin #s.. I noticed that you know how to read the Vin Numbers, noting your observance of rear badge delete in the Vin.. Could you PLEASE decode the Vin #s and/or Engine #.. The car looks to be correct, but I would like to verify that it really is a factory wide body and 5.4.. Would love to know more!!!! Cheers Evan for your sharing of knowledge!! Sincerely, Marc

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