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1985 Ruf BTR For Sale: The Ultimate Tuner Porsche 930?

While perhaps not the most extreme 930 tuner car [note: Jim has corrected me in the comment that the Ruf is actually built on a narrow-bodied 911, not a 930. Thanks Jim!], it is certainly the most widely recognized from the mid 80’s. This gorgeous black 1985 Ruf BTR is on eBayMotors right now with a buy-it-now of $69k:

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

Offered here is an stunning example of a widebody RUF BTR. This example had a full conversion done in 1987. It was built to stage III specs (475 bhp). The conversion included new RUF 3.4 liter BTR motor, Ruf 5-speed transmission, RUF front oil cooler (requires Ruf front spoiler), and exhaust. All body modifications (boxed rockers, slotted rear fender ducks, and RUF front spoiler) were also done at the same time. Paint is original from that time on.

Car is in mint condition, with only 36,874 miles. Car runs great. Everything including A/C works perfectly. Paint is 9/10. Interior is 9/10. Tires are brand new with ony 100 miles on them. All service is up to date. Very few 930’s, let alone RUF’s, left in this condition.

These cars a VERY rare. Less then 100 are believed to have been produced. Ruf’s are the most collectable of all Porsches. This will only appreciate in value over the years.

Full documentation from RUF, including original reciept, are included.

What an outstanding car! The BTR develops 374hp, which for it’s day was astonishing. That’s a full 92hp more than a stock Porsche 930, which is no slouch in it’s own right! While most are familiar with the RUF Yellowbird ‘CTR’ model featuring 475hp(!), the BTR is just as rare and probably a fair bit easier to live with.

I found a couple of BTR videos on YouTube. The first is a Japanese video review clip with some nice videography:And this one is a first timer behind the wheel of his Dad’s car with Dad in the car:

I’d probably be so nervous that I’d kill it the first time too!

If you liked this entry, you should check out this DP Motorsports 935 that I’ve posted previously. I had the opportunity to talk with one of the original owners this past week and will be featuring that interview shortly!


Update: This post is out of date and the item listed is probably not available any more. Why not take a look at these RUF Porsche’s and parts that are currently for sale!

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  1. Jack Howard
    Jack Howard January 19, 2009

    WOW!!! My dream car!!!

  2. admin
    admin January 19, 2009

    No question, one of mine too Jack!


  3. Jim
    Jim January 20, 2009

    The “yellow” car by Ruf is not a 930. The car which won the supercar tuner 200 mph builkd off back in 1987 was the RUF Yellow Bird, built on a narrow body 911 also known as the Ruf CTR. Yes it was a turbo set up but not based on the 930. There is 1 single one in north america which is road legal so its not likely you’ll find one. The car in the topic is has some issues which have been discussed on several Porsche dedicated boards

  4. admin
    admin January 20, 2009

    Interesting. Can you send a link to the discussion board about this car? I’d like to include it for other visitors.

    And I appreciate the background concerning the chassis these cars are actually built on. I’ll make a correction.

    Thanks again Jim,


  5. Bill Patel
    Bill Patel February 6, 2009

    I am the owner of the above BTR. I can assure you there are no issues. I am in the process of getting it in Concours condition.

    This is not the car that was discussed? The discussions were on another car for sale that was advertised as a Ruf, but only has a few Ruf upgrades. No Ruf engine or tranny.

    Here is one of the discussions:

  6. admin
    admin February 6, 2009

    Thanks for the follow-up Bill. Let me know if you have any other updates for this car and I’ll be happy to add them to the post.


  7. Jim
    Jim February 7, 2009

    As people on the thread mentioned this is not an actual RUF car, its just a 930 with some RUF mods. I had several people I know look at the car in person and there are several issues with the car whick prevented me from even making an offer on the car. In order to bring it up to the standards I would require the expense could not be justified. All and all its a pretty nice car but its been a bit hacked up for my taste.

  8. Jim
    Jim February 7, 2009

    I have an 89 Ruf modded turbo if the admin wants to I can email him some pics to post

  9. Bill Patel
    Bill Patel February 7, 2009

    Jim, Your information is completely incorrect. This is NOT that car (see my post above). I think I would remember if you came and saw my car.

    Please edit your post so not to spread false info.

  10. Jim
    Jim February 7, 2009

    As I said I had people who are local look at the car for me. If the car was up to my standards I would have made an offer and shown up in person. Just because the car is not up to my standards does not mean it’s not a good car. Rather then make you an offer which is far below what you believe the car is worth I simply chose to move on, no sense in wasting each other’s time.

    I am particular, I have also owned dozens of 911’s in all their variations, as well as race, and restore them.

  11. Bill Patel
    Bill Patel February 7, 2009

    Jim – you did NOT have anyone come look at MY car (the one pictured above). If you did, then prove it. Where is the car located, and what part of town do I live? When did these so called locals come by? Also, if YOU never saw the car in person, then how are you so sure it’s mine.

    Whem making comments on a public forum, you should check your facts first.

    Admin – Please delete this guys posts. He’s obviously got my car mistaken with someone elses. No one has ever come to look at my car. I can verify everything on my car. I still have the orginal RUF work order from 1986.

  12. admin
    admin February 8, 2009

    As a rule, it is my policy not to censor or delete comments unless they are spam or malicious in nature. This comment thread is very close to the latter and as a result I am closing the comments as I think both parties have thoroughly expressed their views.

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