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1986 RUF BTR Slantnose

Last August, Nate featured a subtle brown metallic RUF BTR Slantnose for sale. Well, that car is back up for sale, listed with the same amount of miles with $8,000 knocked off the asking price. The seller lists the car as a new arrival, but according to our post last year, we know that is not the case. So what’s the story with this 911 warmed over by one of Germany’s most famous tuners?

1986 RUF BTR Slantnose on eBay

I’ve been eyeing this car for a few days, but sadly, the seller has not added any more information to the advertisement. If anyone out there knows more about the history of this awesome Slantnose, we’d love to hear from you. With so few built, it’s hard to place a value on such a car, but with similar vintage 911 3.2 Turbos with 20,000 miles and less selling for close to $100,000, perhaps the asking price of $115k isn’t too terrible considering it is a Slantnose and has RUF’s fingerprints on it.



  1. David
    David July 29, 2012

    They still haven’t fixed the driver’s seat (how did it get so mangled after only 12k miles?).

  2. Mark
    Mark October 23, 2012

    Just now seeing this listing. I know this car very well as there were only 5 BTR Slantnoses produced. This car was indeed a factory VIN RUF title. I own the brother car Vin end in 28 this one ended in 27. I am just putting mine up for sale $80K 1986 with 22K miles, carfax and good history and memorabilia. can be seen at

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