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1987 BMW M3

The legend that is the BMW M3 began with this car right here. Production commenced in September 1986 and ran through 1992 and forever changed was the compact sports saloon game. A champion on both the road and track, these cars are revered to this day like few other M cars. This M3 for sale in The Netherlands is a first year model that looks great in black with the red pinstripe on the bumpers and some distinctive five spoke wheels.

1987 BMW M3 on JamesList

Onboard computer, sport steering wheel. Very rare and in immaculate condition. BMW M3 in the most equipped version! Only driven 94,000. Absolutely accident free! Interior is absolutely original and unique! Car was originally sold in Italy and is equipped with an original air conditioning and a sunroof. 1987 is also the first year of production of this very limited and exclusive BMW. Specially designed for Group A of the European Touring Car Championship. Roberto Ravaglia won directly in the first year of WTCC and the following years also different touring car titles, including the DTM in 1989. Therefore, the most successful “touring car” at all! An absolute collector’s item!

It’s not news that E30 M3 prices are skyrocketing. But even considering that, $50,000 is a big ask for one of these cars. Realistically, this M3 might bring $35,000 to $40,000 tops to the right buyer. Only the lowest mileage, museum quality E30 M3s may breach the $50,000 mark here in the US.



  1. mike
    mike October 27, 2012

    Now I’m all for BMWs, but am I crazy for balking at the astronomical price tag? I know that the Bangle-era cars don’t represent the pinnacle of Bimmer design, but would you honestly forego a low-mileage 2009 BMW M5 for this option? Or a 2007 Alpina B7? What about a 996TT? It has great lines, appears to be in good shape, and looks splendid on those five spoke Momos- but I cringe at the thought of dropping fifty large on a 25 year old M with 96,000 on the odometer.

    I personally have no problem saying ‘No’ to this M3.

    URSDRIVER October 29, 2012

    Hate to say it but the inflated prices of clean correct E30 M3’s are almost justified, nothing else has the driving purity and racing pedigree. I drove the tires off a ragged, clapped out example for a weekend, and still the most exiting car I have ever driven. A first year production European E30 M3 with properly cared for patina is a deity among automobiles.

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