1988 BMW 325is

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Most of our recent BMW E30 posts have centered around the loss of the affordable clean examples. Those that weren’t turned into LeMons toys or smashed into trees by stock traders’ children are usually hoarded and overpriced. Well our patience has paid off, loyal GCFSBers, and we have a clean, mid-mileage example for less than ten grand! It isn’t 100% stock or original, but pretty close; this is no track rat or dorifto thrasher. A short-shift kit and Bilsteins are the only mechanical changes, with a shift knob, aftermarket stereo, and interesting vinyl/cloth interior overhaul the only things separating the interior from its 1988 birth. As clean examples become the stuff of rose-colored dreams, someone should wake up and buy this sweet little legend.

Click for details: 1988 BMW 325is on eBay

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Year: 1988
Model: 325is
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 123,290 mi
Price: $7,800 OBO

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Very well cared for e30 located in Pasadena California (Los Angeles)

5 Speed with Z3 Short shifter
Imola Red exterior
15″ Euroweaves OEM wheels and wheel caps
Ellipsoid headlamps
Completely redone interior
Flawless, no crack dash (Rare in e30s)
Eclipse iPod/Smartphone deck with integrated bluetooth mic mounted
Map light rear view mirror

Drives and shifts perfectly. Ready to be daily driven if chosen to.
We recently purchased another e30 convertible so this trusty car needs a new home.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a viewing and drive. Serious inquires only.


If a 200k+ mile 318is can go for $7,400, I have no doubt that this 325is can find a good home at $7,800. Whatever your dreams are, this is the E30 that can fulfill them. It could stay very close to stock, get a little boost, or become a canvas for your modification artistry. This is the worst idea, but even if you just put in a garage it’d probably be worth 50% more in just a few years. Understandable updates and a reasonable price make this a surprising deal. Jump on it and make your dreams come true before they’re nothing more than that!


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  1. Damn, quite a reasonable price. I mean, relatively for what E30s seem to be worth these days. I still think that the E34 M5 is one of the most underrated used values when it comes to bimmers of this era.

  2. Right off the bat there is more than a short shifter and bilsteins for mechanical changes. The ride height is definitely lowered. Additionally, the valve cover has been painted which could be just that, or could mean the engine was opened. Don’t forget the fancy strut tower brace! 🙂

  3. In looking at the provided history report, the odometer rolls WAY back after being above 200K…a clean looking car, but unsure if still a good deal.

  4. Looked at car fax and it is out of whack. Sent a note to owner and the eng. was rebuilt…the body has over 200k…still looks good though

  5. I don’t think this one is nearly as clean as is suggested here. To me, this is a $3500-4k car.

  6. Yes, those are headers. And MSD ignition is not stock either. The motor has been breathed on. Not stock. Also noting blacked out window trim – that was a 318is feature – OEM the 325is had chrome.

  7. No rear badges. Just getting the next guy to fix what he left undone, or more likely to undo what he did.

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