1988 BMW e28 M5 For Sale with only 41k Miles!

I saw this very low miles and original example on Roadfly today. Every time I see a really nice one, I envision how nice my e28 535i would be with a stick and nearly 300hp!

Take a look at this 1988 BMW M5 For Sale on Roadfly:

quote from seller’s listing:

VERY LOW MILES. Beautiful example of the Rare 1988 E28 M5. Only a small number were built and only a small number remain. You are not likely to find a better example of this M5. Excellent Condition. Original. Unmodified. Gloss Black. Excellent Interior. Factory BBS Wheels. Yokohama AVS tires. Custom M5 logo mats.

In the U.S., the e28 M5 really is more rare than the e30 M3. Can you imagine what a 44k mile e30 M3 would have for an asking?!


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  1. This is a really nice car and if you could get it closer to 20k its a heck of a deal

  2. this is an awsome car if it is still for sale pleas contact me at 314-805-2772 have been loking for a long time for a low milage carin A+ condition thanks i am on the web site rt know and therw is know contact information so it makes it difficuklt reachnu and talk to someone about the car. THIS IS M0ST UNFORTUNATE


  3. The ad is expired and I have no further information. Good luck in your search,


  4. I have an 88 M5 completely original except for Sony/Boston Accoustics stereo, amp amd preamp (installed at dealers on delivery) that has less than 83000 kilometers (not miles). It was just emission tested and it is a perfect speciment (black ob black/ cdn version). Only changes since purchase are Dinan chip and new exhaust (complete system 2 years ago) and new tires (last year).
    Does anyone have an idea what I should be insuring this little darling for?

  5. You can pick whatever value you like for insurance and all that changes is your premium. The thing is you can provide an apprasal to say 100k dollars or 20k dollars unless you have an agreed upon value type policy they will only pay you what they think its worth if its a loss.

  6. Hi I am wondering if this E28 M5 is still for sale? Let me know if it is. Thanks.
    Thomas Kern

  7. For Thomas Kern;
    IF that M5 is not for sale, consider mine. It now has gone 83,397 km (52,123 miles).

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  10. For Bart Lackie:

    Hi Bart… is your car still available? If so email at the H2O address



  11. To Jeff
    I’m a technomoron
    Hope this is the way to respond
    YES the M5 is still available (she’s a garage queen sitting in storage at the moment)

  12. @ Bart Lackie:

    How much are you asking? Is there an ad somewhere we can look at? Thanks.

  13. I’m seeking a low mileage M5, 1988 vintage. Anyone having one they would like to part with, please give me a call:802-279-2797. Thanks, mark

  14. Obviously something is getting lost in the translation.
    I have an 88 M5 Canadian for sale. The canadian version (there were 92 I believe) only came in black on black.
    This garage queen has yet to break 84,000 KILOMETERS (a touch over 50,000 miles). As delivered she came with a Sony/ Boston Acoustics sound system.
    She’s a true survivor with original paint, except for the passenger front that BMW Canada managed to damage (2x) and repaired.

  15. I should add my particulars:
    Phone 613-478-9940
    e-mail bart[AT]lincsat[DOT]com

  16. Looking to buy an M5 that needs work, with no rust.


  17. Looking to buy M5

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