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1988 BMW M3 Evolution II

Well it is only fitting that just as Mercedes and BMW were competing with each other on the track that we have a BMW M3 Evo II follow our Mercedes Evo II on the blog.

This BMW has significantly more miles on it than the Benz did, with 84,000. The bidding is up over $20,000 with plenty of time left.

Like the Benz you have a high reving 4 cylinder mated to a dog legged shifter all wrapped up in a flared and winged body package.

Unlike the unused Benz this car has been enjoyed and despite its equal rarity, # 488 of 500, you wouldn’t have to be quite as nervous driving this one. It shows some of its use and has had some work and paint done to it, but that is no problem.

Being a Euro delivery car it has some nuances and may cause a new owner trouble getting it registered depending on their state.

The seller says the car comes with all its service history since new, which is really nice.

Great car, it will be interesting to see where it ends up pricewise. You have to love the “M3RCY” license plate.


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  1. Evan
    Evan July 11, 2010

    Ended the first time at $25,675, seller relisted and it went up to $21,001 reserve not met.

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