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1988 BMW M5 Euro Conversion

Some people just want what they can’t have. European car fans have a strong claim to this stance, as the discrepancies between Euro and US offerings are rarely in our favor. Even when models were offered here, the initial response to NHTSA bumper mandates brought large bumpers that rub a lot of people the wrong way. I love my “diving boards” on my E28, but some just can’t handle it and lop them off and push the bumpers back in. Today we feature a clean M5 with this look, augmented with some BBS and Zender valences as well, which do a decent job of continuing the standard BMW aesthetics. Euro conversions aren’t very common, so when they come up it’s worth noting.

1988 BMW M5 Euro Conversion for sale on eBay

Up for sale is my beautiful 1988 M5. The car has been perfectly converted to euro (euro headlights, grille, bumpers and body kit). It has a front BBS valance, rear Zender valance and Zender side skirt. Paint is in pretty good shape and shines very good. Interior of the car is also in very good shape as you can see in pictures,dash has 2 very small cracks about an inch long each. I recently installed 4 Bilstein shocks and struts and also H&R SPRINGS. Engine runs very strong and smooth. There are no leak of any kind. Spark plugs, fuel filter, valve cover gasket were just replaced. Transmission shifts very smooth and clutch also feels very strong. It has a custom exhaust system that sound very nice.

It does not have any rust and also have all VIN tags. All power door locks and windows and other electric parts are in good working condition.(sunroof is not working and power antenna goes half a way). The car also comes with a set of style 5 BBs rims that are in mint condition. I am selling a 25 year old car that is in very good condition but its a used car and is being sold as is.

Again, high-mileage M5s need to be examined with a discerning eye. It is a pretty copy though and the interior is in good shape for 223k miles. The Euro conversion is drawing a lot of interest, with 21 bids pushing it up to over $10,000, but the reserve still isn’t met. I know a lot of work goes into this conversion, but the non-original nature and aftermarket add-ons don’t add a ton of value for me, leaving this as a clean but high-mileage M5. If you must have a Euro-bumpered M5, buying one already converted will save you time and frustration, but rebuilding an S38 will cause more. For me, this M5 is already dangerously close to its max worth – but I’m a US-bumper fan. It will be interesting to see if the bidding war continues.