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1989 BMW 325i Touring

We’re doing our best to keep up with a popular modern classic now migrating to US shores given the 25 year importation threshold has been met: the BMW E30 Touring. By the time they make it to these shores, prices are not exactly bargain basement, nor have they hit the stratosphere like their M3 counterpart. Need a reason to go on holiday to Europe? Why not take a side jaunt to Germany to pick up one? This 1989 325i Touring for sale north of Munich was owned by an elderly gentleman and has the desirable combination of the M20 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox.

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Year: 1989
Model: 325i Touring
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 133,800 km (~ 83,139 mi)
Price: €7,700 (~ $10,666 USD)

E30 325i, unmodified state, accident free, original paint. Original 133,800 km, retiree non-smoking vehicle. Very well maintained.
Viewing by appointment only at 017670541241
Technical approval to 03.2016

Emails will not be answered. No phone calls please what is the last price!
Special Equipment:
BMW sports seats, electric windows front and rear, rear head restraints, locking differential

Other equipment:
Outside amenities: Shadowline trim, battery 50 Ah, twin headlights, tachometer, rear compartment heating/air conditioning, laminated windscreen. Body: 5-door, catalyst, headlight range control, 6×14 alloy wheels, 2.5 liter, 125kw engine, catalyzer, 195/65 R14 tires, disc adhesive for warm bonding, H4 Headlights, green tinted glass.


I’ve given a lot of thought lately to what my next vehicle move will be. Of course the Porsche 911 3.2 is high on my list, but already having a two-door vehicle, I’d like something that could carry a few more people in relative comfort. It would also be nice to have something with a bit more cargo capacity yet retaining that fun to drive factor. I keep finding the E30 Touring settling high at the top of my short list. What’s not to love about it? It offers a smooth, torquey engine, three pedals, good handling and cargo hauling ability to compliment its sharp looks. This particular 325i is priced at a decent enough level that it would be reasonable to buy, even taking into consideration shipping and importation fees.



  1. Martin
    Martin April 13, 2014
  2. Larry
    Larry April 14, 2014

    Very nice, very appealing.

    On the other hand, the purchase price plus importation costs/taxes/fees would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $15K. While this example is quite desirable, $15K buys a number of other choices (with a lot less time and hassle to get it into your driveway). Sure, E30 values are on the rise, but a US-based buyer needs to really, really want an E30 Touring to go for this one.

    Martin, as a long time A6 Avant owner, I’d love to have that 2.5TDI 6-speed also. Sadly, due to our draconian vehicle import laws, that example (build date 10/1997) is 8 1/2 years from being legally importable to the states, whereas the 325i touring (build date 11/1989) featured has a more manageable 7-month wait.

  3. Martin
    Martin April 14, 2014

    We are spoiled here in Canada Larry, we have a 15 year rule, so I can import that A6 today.. 😉

  4. Larry
    Larry April 14, 2014

    Consider me jealous, Martin. 🙁

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