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1989 BMW 325is

This particular BMW 325is brings back a lot of memories for me, as it is almost identical to my first car, an Alpine White 325is. Mine was of 1988 vintage with the larger bumpers, tan leather interior and slightly smaller basketweave BBS wheels with gold centers. A great car that was, and this ’89 example for sale in Georgia has me pining for another E30. With the slimmer bumpers and nicely contrasting red leather interior, this one is a looker and a decent alternative to those who pine after an E30 M3 but are on a budget.

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Year: 1989
Model: 325is
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 90,241 mi
Price: $11,500 Buy It Now

1989 BMW 325is, I am offering this for a customer. Purchased by the current owner 10yrs ago and hardly used. This car was part of a European car collection and the owners taste have changed. The car sat in an air conditioned garage 99% of the last 10yrs. Recently the car was recommissioned and included a fluid service, new fuel pump, brake master cyl. and 4 new tires.

Mechanically: The car runs and drives very well. The stupid oil level light and coolant lights stay on. The levels are perfect. I am sure this is a symptom of the lack of regular use. The odometer failed the 2nd day he had the car and the miles added over the last 10 yrs are practically none. The dashboard was sun damaged and cracked when he purchased the car and was changed out with one from another car. It is in perfect condition. The car stops, shifts and runs as it should.

Cosmetically the car is very striking with white over red leather with gold BBS style wheels. He had the seats professionally recovered in a red leather similar in shade to the newer BMW’s as well as a new carpet kit installed.

The only modifications have been a set of H&R lowing springs and BBS Style wheels and M Steering wheel. The car includes the stock springs and stock BBS wheels with purchase.

Please call with questions and full rundown on the cars condition and we welcome pre- purchase inspections at the buyer’s expense.

Joe Frazar 912-667-1704


I’ve never had the opportunity to drive an original M3, which pains me. That is high up on my to do list. But, I’ve always been impressed with the capability of the M20 inline-6. For everything from the grocery run to track days, this is a very capable motor with a smooth powerband coupled to a famously smooth clutch and gearbox combination (if you go the three pedal route). The asking price for this one is right in the ballpark, given what we’ve seen good 325is models fetch in the past year. While they’ve only recently begun gaining ground in value, I doubt this is a fad. Enthusiasts are recognizing the E30’s goodness and it seems the 2002 successor by two generations is following in its footsteps.



  1. Ricky
    Ricky March 5, 2014

    Nice car. Don’t be mad you haven’t driven an E30 M3. They’re nothing special. Really underpowered. Maybe back in the day they were more fun, but not so much these days. If they had an S52 swap, then all would be well. As-is though? I can think of a great many cars I’d rather have for the $40k.

  2. MDriver
    MDriver March 5, 2014

    I’m sorry but in the ballpark?????!!!!
    you have a 325Is with a non-matching interior…and a TMU odometer….
    also I suppose people’s notion of recommissioned is subjective…if a car sat for 10 about changing all hoses & rubber bits after 10 years in addition to fluids??
    the guy is asking 11.5!!!
    there was an E38 M5 on BaT with 130+ miles on it and the ask was 12k and its gone already!
    sorry as much as I like the Is this one ain’t it.

  3. MDriver
    MDriver March 5, 2014

    oops meant to say E28..forgive my sausage fingers!

  4. Martin
    Martin March 5, 2014

    Agreed, for that $$ you can have a decent e28 M5.. I know, I had one. Great classic.

  5. Allenman
    Allenman March 6, 2014

    Great looking car….but 11.5 for a car that’s TMU, has a non original interior, and warning lights on? If the warning lights arent a bg deal, and they’re easy o repair, the fix them- especially at this price! And no, those aren’t RS wheels, so I’d want to change them….love to own this, at about 40% off. Might be tough.

  6. Poorhouse
    Poorhouse March 6, 2014

    Bidding already at $9k…

    That is the problem with E30’s, they are a horrible value. Great cars and I love them, but terrible bang for the buck.

  7. Scott J.
    Scott J. March 6, 2014

    Along with the red flags already noted above, the front bumper seems to be hanging lower on the passenger side. Better E30s out there for this kind of money.

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