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1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible 5 speed

I like to find ads for cars where the owner claims the car is the best of its kind around.  Lots of times that isn’t true, sometimes it causes another similar car to come out of the woodwork to prove the owner wrong. In this case we have a 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible with a 5 speed, Number 423 of 600 produced. The owner’s says “in this condition and color combination, this one is the best you will and can find.”  What do you think? The owner must think so judging from the high start price.
The car has some nice upgrades that were done at the time of the initial order at Brumos Jacksonville, 3.3 liter, 330 HP, twin plug engine, Turbo S exhaust:

C02 – Catalytic Convertor
018 – Special order Steering wheel
158 – Cassette radio Blaupunkt Reno
220 – 40% limited slip differential
243 – Short gear shift lever
348 – Fuchs wheels painted in white
494 – additional Blaupunkt amplifier

You have to be a collector to want to pay $60,000 for this 56,000 mile car. The car has points that would appeal to a collector, great all original condition, all books and tools. Still that $60,000 would go a long way towards other Porsche vehicles of this era with similar miles and performance. The car is listed for sale at 60,000 Euros on another site, which would be even more expensive.

Despite the upgrades, clean history and numbers matching aspect of this Porsche I just don’t see someone paying that much. It does look nice though.



  1. Jim
    Jim December 10, 2009

    The problem with this car is that its been modded. I have a 53k mile 89 turbo coupe but it too has been modded ( basically a track car now) so its just flat out worth less than a stocker. That car may have some tasteful mods but its not nearly as desirable as a stock config turbo cab.

    60k is in the ozone on that one.

  2. Nathan
    Nathan December 10, 2009

    This seller is clearly not a well informed Porsche enthusiast. He is correct that the 1989 930’s are desirable because of the G50 tranny however his car is so far from being the nicest availible. He obviously has not looked around. Many people realized the value of these cars from day 1 so there are dozens of super low mileage 89’s, i.e. well under 20k miles. His at 56k would probably be categorized as high mileage. We could argue that the low mileage cars represent problems due to lack of use and I would probably agree but those are the cars that bring big $$. In addition the engine mods, non-stock rear Fuchs (been widened) and the overall average at best condition resigns this car to the low 40’s at best.

  3. Evan
    Evan December 11, 2009

    Thanks for the comments, perhaps the seller will see this and become more reasonable with his price.

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