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1990 BMW E30 M3 Cabrio Replica

When it comes to cars as rare as the E30 M3 Cabrio, of which less than 800 were made and zero for the North American market, it seems more appropriate to go the replica route than it would be to just box-fender a normal 325i coupe. The recently-circulated E30 M3 wagon is another good example of making something that, while sacrilegious, is objectively a pretty darn cool car. M3 convertibles are kind of an oxymoron anyways, so why not go all-out and make one yourself? That’s what the builder of today’s E30 decided to do and went on to drop an S50 6-cylinder in it with various other modifications. It looks appropriately German-garish in Alpinweiss with M-colored checkered flags on opposing corners.

1990 BMW 325i Cabrio/M3 Replica for sale on eBay

From the seller:

I am listing my e30 m3 vert replica for sale. I have to sell it to help start a business and really have no use for it after my newborn! I will try to list everything about the car but if you are interested and have any questions please let me know!

The body of the car has 178K miles with a complete BMW e30 M3 conversion including Front Bumper, e30 M3 front fenders, e30 M3 side skirts, e30 M3 rear bumper, and e30 M3 rear fiberglass quarter panels. Complete repaint in factory alpine white II w/ e36 lightweight flag decal painted on. Chrome window trim changed to black shadowline trim. New Smoked Euro style smiley headlights with city lights and WIPERS WITH MOTORS non functioning.I also have a brand new set of headlight wipers from BMW not put on. E30 M3 Evo Style Brake Ducts, euro front grills, smoked front turn signal indicators. Car also comes with a hardtop! Completely redone black sport interior,carpet and door panels along with an M-tech II steering wheel. The car does not have an AC compressor but the lines are all there. The s50 engine has approx. 64k miles, new spark plugs, intake, new battery which I put in after the previous one went bad from me not driving the car. New zimmermann cross-drilled rotors with axis brake pads, E30 m3 5 lug suspension swap with all new shock mounts, front control arms and offset control arm bushings. I have always taken care of this car in my hands. Spare tire and all bmw tools come with the car.

-The BBS RS wheels will not be sold with the car, unless me and the buyer workout a deal. Car will be sold with 16″ Borbets Type H with new tires.
-This car just passed NJ inspection!
-The hardtop is in fair condition.
-The paint job is not GREAT, but good with some dings.
-The motor runs STRONG with no leaks.
-Car sold as is with no warranty.
-Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.
-I have a carfax and previous PPI I did before I bought the car.

Bidding has been hot with 22 bids so far. Surprisingly, the price is still at a reasonable, reserve-off $11k. It’s nice to see a modified car for sale that for once seems realistic as opposed to a stratospheric Buy-it-Now because someone spent tens of thousands of dollars on a project. Many thousands have certainly been spent on this M3 Cabrio replica, and I’m sure it’s a hoot to drive. If you have a taste for the wild and aren’t concerned with classic originality, this would be lots of fun. Just make sure you get something to replace the not-pictured-but-included Borbet Type Hs… they will make this car (or any car, actually) look really chintzy.



  1. Miek
    Miek August 11, 2012

    Like but not as much as I would like an equally blasphemic touring M3.

  2. KevinR
    KevinR August 11, 2012

    Well, with 23 bids there is obviously interest in the car. An old car salesman friend of mine used to say there was a buyer for every car, if you look long enough. I wouldn’t be one of them for this car.

    But here’s the thing: I hate it when people post pictures of a car for sale and then immediately state “the wheels shown will not be included in the sale.” (Or some other equally large and significant component.) Then they don’t bother to show any pictures of the car setup the way it WILL be sold.

    Also, when selling a highly customized car, I think it warrants more than a half dozen pictures.

  3. Larry
    Larry August 11, 2012

    @KevinR: You’re 100% on target with those comments.

    If you want a good price, invest a little time in photography and ad composition. The seller obviously put a lot of time and effort and money into building the car. Why wouldn’t he invest some of that into selling it?

    Photographing the car with one set-up, and then replacing the wheels and tires for the sale, is a “bait and switch” tactic. It’s slimy, and obvious, and diminishes bidder confidence.

    Of course, we know exactly why he did it: the BBS wheels are expensive, and worth more as an additional separately negotiated sale, off ebay. Bidders tend to bid on what they see in the photos, and then get pissed off later when they’re reminded they now have to buy the wheels and tires separately to make it look the way it did in the photos. And, clearly, photographing the car with the Borbets would make the whole thing look like crap, causing bidders to bid less.

    I wonder how much more money this seller could have made overall if he had done it right?

  4. Sliver
    Sliver August 11, 2012

    It is a shame that the decals are painted on. Car would look great without the gold plated BBS RS and decals. Need to remove the Jersey Shore.

  5. Nate
    Nate August 11, 2012

    KevinR and Larry, you guys nailed it. Too much trickery for me.

    And Silver, I agree with you. It would be a sweet little cabrio if it were more “stock” looking.

    That said, there’s a legit E30 M3 near me in Alpine with thick M-stripes crossing the whole car from front driver’s quarter to rear passenger’s quarter, and I kind of love it…

  6. motoringconbrio
    motoringconbrio August 12, 2012

    I’ll bet I know who built this car. Has a certain E30 restorer’s fingerprints all over it.

  7. Sa
    Sa August 18, 2012

    Vlad did not build this car, and theres a link to 2 videos and 75 high res pictures in the ad.

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