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1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Estate

Mercedes-Benz is one of those companies that has been consistent in offering estate vehicles, or the station wagon as it is known to those of us in the US. Sometimes the variety of their offerings is less rather than more, but right now, it’s pretty neat that you can order a high horsepower V8 beast under the hood of a W123 E class estate, which has been the staple 5-door offering from Mercedes. We did get the C-class estate in the form of the W203 for a few years, but Mercedes has never dabbled with an estate variant of their big boy, the S-class. Nor, frankly, have any of their competitors. A few determined coachbuilders have set out to make an S-Class estate, such as Crayford back in the 1970s with the W116 S-class. This 560SEL estate for sale in Germany is one of the best executed, most OEM looking of all the coachbuilt estates, but it comes with a hefty asking price.

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Year: 1990
Model: 560SEL Estate
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 102,000 km (~ 63,379 mi)
Price: Reserve auction (~ $52,388 USD)

Mercedes 560SEL T-Shooting Brake. Special design. Rare conversion to T-Kombi in excellent condition. Fully equipped including ASR and glass sunroof. 199 Blue Black Metallic with black nappa leather 261, Alcantara headliner with vanity mirrors rear.

Very rare S-class station wagon conversion showing a unique line in a beautiful shape. Mercedes 560SEL T-Shooting Brake: ready to go, very good driver in excellent condition with German registration papers and full German TÃœV-approval.


I’m not sure who would plunk down this much for a W126 of this vintage, no matter the body style. The values just aren’t there yet. Of course, there always seems to be some willing soul out there prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the car of their dreams. I like how this car incorporates the tail lamps and other styling cues from the W124 estate, lending to the “could have originated from the factory” look. I could see this car looking right at home at a horse race, in the fields with a picnic basket and folks sipping champagne, or perhaps at a duck hunt with some pricey shotguns in the back. If any car could wear the label “lifestyle vehicle,” this would be it.



  1. sam
    sam November 13, 2014

    cool. I’ve only ever seen it after googling a while ago and never thought it would be for sale. I would thought a short wb would have made a better conversion but the colors and quality of the job are high.

  2. Ry
    Ry November 13, 2014

    It looks like a Merc hearse to me. Paradoxically, it has a relatively tiny cargo area.

    For that coin I’ll take a used AMG wagon.

  3. Nick
    Nick November 19, 2014

    Been on the internet for ages, I think the market is very small for these cars as they are custom, especially for this price. Still, I like the idea of a W126 estate. Adding a W124 Estate back to it is quit clever.
    The things that could have been done better is the sealing for instance, if you look closely you see two horizotal lines, probably wear they put some welding for reinforcements (They end where the windows end). Also the glass sunroof is not original, this was introduced on the W140.

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