1993 Porsche 911 RS America

Last week we featured a pretty rare Polar Silver Metallic RS America that had a few modifications, which will probably hold down its final selling price, but it nonetheless remains a car that we will not come across very often. Now we are going to take that level of rarity up a notch. Here we have a Fly Yellow 1993 Porsche 911 RS America, located in Maryland, with 45,000 miles on it. Unlike the Polar Silver example this RS America retains its originality and looks pristine throughout. Those who have been reading here for a while will know that I love most any bright-colored 911 and that I am particularly fond of those in yellow. So when I came across this one I instantly knew it had to be shared. This is indeed a special car.

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Year: 1993
Model: 911 RS America
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 45,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction (Buy It Now $209,999)

1993 RS America in stunning condition, all original, all original paint, all original interior, all original suspension, clear Carfax, all 4 options and one of only 4 ever produced in FLY Yellow … that’s right, ONE OF FOUR!! This car has 45,xxx original documented miles with ZERO paintwork and is stock and unmolested. Factory options include: sunroof, limited slip, and air conditioning. In my tenure with the car (approximately 6.5 years) I’ve added a correct CR-1 radio and installed European RS lowering springs (I have the original RS springs, but they just seem too high for the car!). The car is a multiple concours winner, is wonderful to drive, and a collector’s dream given its rarity (remember only 701 RS America’s were ever produced from 1992-1994 with only 6 cars special color ordered: 4 yellow cars, 1 tourquoise car, and one maritime blue car. ), and of course is numbers matching!! I have the original window sticker, all books, records, manuals, the RS supplement, RS brochure, RS technical booklet, RS rear emblem, and the additional set of keys with the original paper key fob. Given the recent sale of a basic Guards Red RS for $175,000, this one of 4 is a bargain and won’t last long!!! Please call me on my mobile 703-627-9991 with any questions. There is NOTHING to hide on this car and it is in truly spectacular condition!! $209,999


Stunning car, but is it worth $200K? I’m inclined to think the market isn’t there yet, but as I mentioned in last week’s write-up the value of the RS America has shot up so significantly that such a rare example can certainly command a significant premium. It’s also interesting to compare this with auctions of very low-mileage examples, but in one of the standard colors of Red, Black, or White. I assume the Guards Red RS America the seller mentions is just such a low-mileage car and I have seen listings for cars with far fewer miles than this one fail to sale at slightly lower prices than what we see here. In either case, color or ultra-low mileage, you’re dealing with something that is spectacularly rare and should show excellent long-term potential. I would also be curious about the state of the other 3 Fly Yellow cars in existence as that certainly should impact the demand for this car here. Regardless, this always will be one of the more interesting 964s on the market and it’s great to see that it remains in such fine condition!


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  1. Looks like this car already sold.

  2. Took my RSA for a drive today, and still enjoy it every time I take it out.
    The very high appreciation is nice, but unfortunately, my ‘Agreed Value Insurance’ NOW only allows me 500 miles a year.
    From now on, it will be very rare for any of us to see an RS America on the road…

  3. @audemars – it’s commenters like yourself that make me wish this site had a forum or some kind of a user photo gallery at times…I’d love to peek at a lot of the rides people mention owning or having owned! I guess it’s possible on Facebook, but I’m not a user (which I know is weird).

    Cool pick Rob (PS – this is my kind of yellow! Vs BMW Dakar…). I’m curious if it sold off eBay or what.

  4. Me too Ry about the photo gallery. Also, I wish sometimes I could upload a pic of say an engine bay of a similar car to a particular post to show as a comp.

  5. +1 on the photos in comments for comp, etc idea @John!

  6. Yes I wish we could post pictures and the acquisition stories of our cars.

  7. Agreed with all of you. There should be a download option…

  8. I sold my RSA a few weeks ago, mostly due to the fact that rising values would further reduce the amount of time it ever saw on the road. I was already afraid to park it anywhere other than at an event. I will note that it was a 66k mile GP White car, and sold for over 100k.

    I happily drive my 2000 M Coupe anywhere I choose, and with great enjoyment. I hope it never goes up in value!

  9. @audemars– a policy with only 500 mi/yr gives new meaning to “look, but don’t touch”. Even worse, such few amount of miles may not even allow enough use to keep the gaskets, seals etc in engine and trans from deteriorating. My stated coverage gives me 6k/yr on my 993, of which I use only about 2500 or so. Perhaps you might look at some other carriers?

  10. Why isn’t Hagerty a paying advertiser on this site?! Sure seems like the demographic is pretty decent for them. I’ve been in just about every kind of insurance biz except for automobile…if I was active in PCA, BMWCCA, etc (ie a good base of IRL gear heads with collector cars) I would think about running a Hagerty (or similar) agency, it might be interesting.

  11. @ David B.
    At last year’s appraised value, I was given 5,000 miles per year, which is way more than I needed. Now that it was appraised at $122,000 it was reduced to 500 miles per year.
    I’ve had the car 10 years and drove the car less than 1,000 miles in the past 6 years. You are right… I’ve had to replace small pieces on the car due to lack of usage, but the expense has been justified by the increased valuation.
    I see it more like the expense fee of having the money invested in a stock fund, which for the RSA, in 2014, gave me a 96.77% return.

  12. …… wanted to add that my 29,000 mile 500E ‘s annual mileage was also reduced, due to increased valuation. It was now appraised at $40,000 and the annual mileage went from 5,000 to 3,000.
    The 560SL is at 5,000 mile per year, but with increased values on these, I’m sure the annual miles will go down next year.
    Surprisingly, the insurance on the cars is reasonable, including the RSA. The daily driver, is the most expensive.

  13. Had a friend back in the day who went through a string of theft-recovery RS Americas. One had the interior stolen out of it (from memory…it’s been a while) and he replaced it with ultra-ridiculously-rare yellow Speedster seats. Of course, outside, it was one of the 4 yellow cars. I don’t know if he still has it, honestly; he used to cruise around Narragansett, RI with race numbers all over it. Anyway, if anyone sees or knows of the yellow with yellow seats RSA, I crossed paths with it many years ago when it was much younger!

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