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1990 Porsche 944 Cabriolet

The last 944 we featured sold almost as fast as I posted it. No surprise, given that car’s pedigree and price. Enthusiasts seem to be waking up to the fact that the 944 is a great way of easing into the realm of Porsche ownership. One of our readers, Paul, mentioned he was on the hunt for a red 944 Cabriolet and coincidentally, I stumbled across one this evening. This is possibly one of the lowest mileage examples you’ll ever find. I was always a bigger fan of the hardtop, but this cabriolet in red with a pristine black leather interior and the all important 5-speed manual gearbox is a stunning example of a uncommon al fresco Porsche motoring.

1990 Porsche 944 Cabriolet on AutoTrader

If you’re looking for a time-machine 944 Cab to drive and enjoy, this is your car. I am the second owner and it’s my fourth 944. I’ve only owned the car for a short time – the original owner had it until the end of February 2012. There’s no such thing as a perfect used car (run screaming from anyone who says their used car is perfect), but this car looks and performs just as one would expect of a lovingly owned 22 year old Porsche with 12k miles. The body is straight as a pin, the paint looks fantastic, the CarFax and AutoCheck are clean, and I can find no evidence of paintwork.

I just performed a timing belt service on the car and installed a new Porsche battery, the Dunlop tires have so few miles that they still have the factory paint in the tread grooves. It’s bone stock – no mods. Cosmetically, it has a handful of tiny chips, there’s some light scuffing at the bottom of the front bumper cover, and some stitching on the passenger seat has unraveled in the place it always does on 944s. A couple of the wheels have some light curb rash on the lip. The top looks and functions just as it should. I love the car, but bought it on a whim (how often do you get the chance to buy a 12k mile 944?). The problem is I also have a 1988 Carrera 3.2, a Rover, and a 2011 Z4 competing for garage space and I can’t be a proper steward for all of them at once. I have the manuals, records of the major services, a gaggle of keys, boot cover, wheel lock key, a Porsche indoor cover, and both the top wrenches. I’m happy to email the AutoCheck, CarFax, and records of the major services on request. Title is clean, lien free, and in-hand.

The owner has provided quite a comprehensive review of his car. Anyone who points out something as small as minor curb rash is certainly paying full time and attention to the details. Hagerty is listing values of good to excellent 944 Cabriolets from $17,000 to $26,000. It’s rare that any 944 commands over $20,000 these days, but this is no ordinary 944. If the owner is willing to deal and a bit could be knocked off the asking price, this could be a practical classic worth having.



  1. Larry
    Larry June 21, 2012

    There’s always those people out there more than willing to pay a substantial premium for an ultra-low-mileage car. The fact that this car is a very desirable Guards Red over Black 1990 944 Cabrio is going to stir them up even more.

    Sorry, but I’m not buying the “I bought it on a whim, but now I realize I have just too many cars” story. Of course, he felt it necessary to list his other cars for us.

    No, let’s call it what it is – he bought the 944 a few months ago for a price well below market, corrected a few things, polished it up, and is now flipping it just in time for prime convertible season for a high end of the market price.

    It doesn’t matter though…someone with a lot of disposable cash will be easily glamoured by the ultra-low-mileage and that burning desire to own that sweet car he couldn’t afford two decades ago.

    Yes, I’m jealous.

  2. Paul
    Paul June 21, 2012

    Larry, I’m with you. He’s trying to make some easy cash but I think he’s realizing that there is a very narrow market for this car. It’s not a collectible car like a Turbo S so the low mileage is not really that desirable as the buyer would want it well sorted since they would be driving it regularly. I’d prefer an identical one with 4x the mileage and less than half the price although the challenge is that these cars weren’t considered collectible so finding one with all records and great maintenance isn’t easy. On that note, I’m also looking for nice e36 M3 cab which is comparable in price to the 944 cab and has shoulder belts in the rear which makes me feel better about having my kids back there.

  3. Larry
    Larry June 21, 2012

    The E36 M3 cab might have a *marginally* larger back seat. Not sure. The 3-point rear belts are, of course, a good consideration with kids back there.

    Fortunately or not, that’s no longer an issue at our house. Our kids are as tall as we are, so those little back seats are no more valuable than a parcel shelf now.

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