1991 BMW M5

I always feel as if the E34 BMW M5 gets lost in whole BMW Motorsports lineup, as it followed the original E28 M5 and preceeded the E39 M5, which, for good reason, enthusiasts fawn over. Over the past year though, while I sift through listings of potential vehicles for this site, I’ve grown to appreciate the E34 M5 more and more. It captures that mix of classic and modern BMW styling so very well; while it looks mild, it will deliver massive thrills if you step hard on the loud pedal. With E28 M5 prices rising and good E39 M5s still concentrated around the $20,000 mark, the E34 is an M5 that is accessible to many and lacks little, with the amazing 3.6 liter inline six cylinder engine good for 307 horsepower in North American trim. This E34 M5 for sale in Kansas comes with all books and service records, a low 50,000 miles on the clock and looks the business in this black on black color combo.

1991 BMW M5 on eBay

1991 BMW M5 Black with Black leather interior, Like new, always garaged, Never driven in the rain or snow. Only 50,686 original miles. All service records, books and original window sticker. Upgraded wheels. Also comes with original tires and wheels. See pics. Engine hood repainted to cover stone chips from highway driving. Before 1993, the left front fender was replace due to a minor parking lot incident. Drives and looks new. Car is completely stock, No disappointments!

Deposit of $500 is due within 48 hours, paypal only. Balance is due in full within 10 days, we will accept cash in person, bank check, or wire transfer. Paypal will not be accepted for the balance due. Vehicle will be released when full payment is received and all funds are guaranteed. Car is advertised locally, we reserve the right to cancel at anytime.

As much as I like the later throwing star alloy wheels that appeared on E34 M5s from 1992 on, the M-parallel wheels are a great upgrade on this modern classic. Well kept E34 M5s with under 100,000 miles tend to hover around the $10,000 mark these days, with exceptional examples reaching into the $15,000 to $20,000 territory. Anything above that tends to creep into later, E39 M5 territory. My only problem with this car is that it isn’t closer to me. But that’s probably a good thing, especially my wallet.


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  1. After the classic E28, I always thought the E34 looked a bit bulbous. Not as bulbous as the E32 7-series, but not exactly svelte looking either. Fortunately for this M5, much like with women’s fashion, black is very slimming.

  2. My favorite M5, hand built in limited numbers, supercar performance (at the time), and completely inconspicuous. This one looks to have been serviced to an extremely high standard and driven conservatively. Well worth the asking price.

  3. I wouldn’t say for its time it had supercar performance but it was awesome. The era of it being a supercar performer was gone with the E28.

    The early 90s pretty much every company had a car that was equal to this thing’s power.

    Toyota Supra, Nissan 300zx, Mazda RX7, Chevy Corvette….

    Keep in mind that this is also heavier than all of those cars and every single one of those Japanese cars are underrated in advertised power due to laws in their domestic market. The 300ZX did 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.

    This era M5 great though simply for the M88. Love that engine and its far more atttractive than anything in whats above…. other than maybe the Mazda’s FC era rotary.

    I see it mentioned that these hover around 10k at times. I have never seen that and if I did I would own one right now, lol. Poor quality cars at that price I assume?

  4. If you consider “horsepower” and 0-60 the only metrics of performance you are correct. Although the 300ZX TT is a great car, it is not any lighter than an E34 M5. I would consider none of the cars you mentioned (in stock form) the real world performance equal of an E34 M5 excluding the 3rd gen RX7TT that was not sold in the U.S until 1993 & the Corvette ZR1 that was twice the price of a standard corvette, and was still made of thin plastic junk. In the category of fast point-to-point GT cars that didn’t draw unwanted attention and were as well built as they are fast, E34 M5 was king. Still is.

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  6. Last auction ended at $14,500 (reserve not met). Back on ebay again, with a BIN of $19,500. Unless you’re laser-focused on finding a low-mileage E34 M5, nearly $20K seems dangerously close to E39 M5 territory.

  7. Any idea as to why the vin number isnt listed on the M car registry? He wants a lot for this car, and makes no mention of maintenance that has been performed, to bring this up to speed.

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