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1992 BMW 325i with 48,000 Original Miles

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With the E30 3 series gaining popularity by the minute, the E36 has now become the go-to 3 series for those on a budget. Not too old yet not too young, these compact Bimmers offer a lot of bang for the buck. They are a little more complex than the simpler E30 that it replaced, but they are still fairly straightforward as compared to vehicles of today. While in college a little over a decade ago, one of my good friends purchased this very car, a 1992 325i sedan with a 5-speed manual. He ran it for many years thereafter, and it was a trusty, entertaining drive, if not the most practical for New England winters. This low mileage 325i for sale in Salt Lake City is in amazing condition for a first year E36 and is a tempting alternative to some newer compact sedans at this price point.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

Year: 1992
Model: 325i
Engine: 2.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 48,500 mi
Price: $8,900 Buy It Now

Click for Details: 1992 BMW 325i on eBay

48k original miles. Despite friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members using the phrase “like new” when describing this car, I will say it is more so like a well maintained two year old vehicle. Never driven in snow which will be obvious when you see the vehicle in person. Super shiny paint. Near perfect interior. I like my cars – 100% correct, stock and functioning in every way. This is not the ordinary low mileage older car that only looks good in the picture and sounds good in the text – I’ve seen and owned them and every time had looker’s or buyer’s remorse. Everything on this car is near as supple as the day it was driven off the showfloor. No saggy headliners, no cracked plastic bits around, perfect glass, unused spare wheel/tire, etc. Features cold A/C, power moonroof, power locks, power mirrors and cruise control. 5 speed manual transmission. This car is quick and fun to drive. Freshly tuned up with new ignition coils and spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter. Brakes and tires are at about 80% life remaining. No accidents, No body work. As close to new as a car like this can be. Call or email Brent with questions. 801-706-4181 or

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It’s refreshing to see one of these 3 series sedans in such mint condition. At first, under $9,000 for such a well preserved E36 seems like a bargain, but truth be told, there are M3s of the same generation out there to be had for similar, if not less money. Granted, these M cars will more than likely have higher mileage than this 325i, but if its speed you are after, there’s some temptation out there at this price point. I don’t think we’re far off from what this car will fetch, but if you want the best E36 325i money can buy, I’d wager to say you’re looking at it.



  1. Wes
    Wes May 21, 2013

    Low mileage is about the only thing this car has going for it.

  2. Lewis deSoto
    Lewis deSoto May 21, 2013

    Imagine a car smaller than an Elantra with a smooth silky six, great handling for so little coin. I just bought an 18k 99 M3 and can attest to the basic E36 driving pleasure. I’m passing this link along to friends.

  3. Larry
    Larry May 21, 2013

    Sure it’s fairly low-spec and not the preferred interior color, but it’s in great condition with low miles and the right drivetrain (inline-6 and 5-speed). At less than $9K, it’s seems like a reasonable entry price for something that will provide many years of fun for it’s next owner. I’d by it.

  4. Wes
    Wes May 22, 2013

    Larry: At $9k you’re getting into low mileage e46 territory. The featured car doesn’t even include the sport package. If I were to buy an e36 in this price range I’d hold out for a 328iS.

  5. Larry
    Larry May 22, 2013

    Wes, the lower mile well maintained E46 examples I’ve noticed are well over the $10K mark. At $9K, I’d expect to see E46’s with perhaps a less ideal history, or some other compromises. At asking price of $9K, this 325i isn’t exactly well bought, but it’s a starting point to try to get well into the 7’s. I agree that a similarly low mileage, well maintained E36 328is for a similar price would be even better for the same price – if you get lucky and find one with those qualifications.

  6. Kevin
    Kevin July 2, 2013

    I just bought this car! Going to check it out tomorrow.

  7. Paul
    Paul July 2, 2013

    Congrats Kevin! Let us know how it turns out!

  8. Larry
    Larry July 2, 2013

    Excellent!! Very nice! Let us know how it goes, Kevin.

  9. Kevin
    Kevin August 5, 2013

    Well, we drove the car with zero problems from Utah to Florida. The car currently has 53k miles on it. I took it to my BMW mechanic and he can find zero problems with it. This car will be my daily driver… and it fits the bill perfectly. I’m very happy with it!

  10. Larry
    Larry August 5, 2013

    Glad to hear it worked out, Kevin! Seems like a great choice for a daily driver. I’m sure the cross country road trip wasn’t too bad either…

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