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1993 Audi Coupe

Though it lived a short life in the United States over only two production years in 1990 and 1991, the Audi Coupe both started before that run and continued after in Europe. Along with the rest of the B lineup, the Coupe was refreshed for the “new” B4 lineup after 1992. Most notable in this production cycle of 2-doors was the introduction of the convertible model, the new V6 engine and of course, the fan-favorite S2. However, for those with a more modest budget and interested in better fuel economy, you could still get a EA827-based motor in a 2-wheel drive configuration. Displacing the same 2 liters an with 16 valves clattering away, the 138 horsepower front driver wasn’t much of a match for the girth of the B4, but it was cheaper than the 5-cylinder quattro models:

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Year: 1993
Model: Coupe
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 167,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

Up for sale is my Audi Coupe 16v – Comes with 12 months MOT

I bought this car to replace a project Porsche 924 as it was too small for me and I prefer Audi’s. This is my 5th Audi in the last 4 years. They are great cars which look good and are fun to drive.

The reason for selling this one is I already have another Audi in the garage which doesn’t see much use and unfortunately I have only managed to drive this car a handful of times since purchasing. With this being the case, I would rather see the car being used and kept to its former glory.

I bought the car as a running project from the previous owner. The car is clean and tidy but does need some care and attention.

Exterior-wise, the paint it mostly red with some areas staring to fade a little. The car has been garaged since I have owned it and comes up great with a wash and polish. Given the car’s age, the body is very straight with no major dents or scratches. There is some paint damage to the driver’s door handle and some small areas of lacquer peel (top corner passenger door: see photos) The front end also benefits from a mesh front grille which gives the car a sporty look.

The car has been lowered on shocks and springs. and comes with a small folder of receipts and history. The car will also come on the BBS style wheels which really give the car the retro/classic look. The wheels were new approx. two months ago along with the tyres.

Engine is the 2.0 16v (ACE) which is good for 140bhp (when new…). As the car has been stood for a while and the kjet system has started to play-up. The car will start fine from cold, however will hold back slightly when initially accelerating. When warmed the car is fine and appears to have no issues. If you then try and start when warm you need to give full throttle otherwise it is difficult to start. I have spoken with the garage and they believe it is likely to be the old fuel filter as the Kjet system relies on fuel pressure to operate. I am hoping to have this changed by the end of the auction and will update the listing accordingly. The car also has a stainless steel exhaust system and down pipe which gives a good sound.

The interior is in very good condition considering the age/mileage. It has a light grey cloth interior with the sports seats. The interior could do with a good clean as there are some marks in the seats. I believe these will come out with some interior cleaning foam. The car has electric windows and also an electric sunroof (which only works in the tilt position. The slide position only moves back an inch or so)

Overall this car has a few small jobs that need doing in order to be 100%. As mentioned I will have the fuel filter changed and will update the listing. This car has been very fun to take out on the few occasions and we have received a lot of smiles and compliments. Now seems to be a good time to own a classic/retro car. I insure this on a classic policy with my other half as a named driver for less than £400 with no NCB. This is a great opportunity to buy an early 90’s Audi coupe and there doesn’t seem to be many left on the road.

Usual rules apply, please bid to buy only and cash on collection. Swaps may be considered but only at px value. (not really looking for another car)

Viewings welcome – please message to

Unlike the more analogue B2 models that could be ordered with few power options, the B4s really started to get more heavily reliant on electric options. That meant in this Coupe that you got electric windows and roof, but along with those luxuries came weight. While the 2.0 16V produced more in Euro trim than the U.S. GTi/GLi/Passat that we saw it in, the Coupe just wasn’t nearly as sporty with the motor though it was taxed less. This example is also notable to U.S. fans for the low-rent base model steering wheel, lack of wood and cloth sport seats. As a result, it looks pretty plastictastic inside, but the overall condition (outside of some staining on the seats, unfortunately) is pretty good. The European bumpers alone are worth the price of admission here, and it’s really amazing how much prettier the exterior of the European cars was in comparison to the hobbled-together front end of the B3 U.S. coupe. I’ve never quite understood why that model presented such a problem; the 90 quattro 20V doesn’t have the same front end, and even the B2’s bumper integration is much better. U.S. Audi fans will also get a chuckle out of how much space there is under the hood; the lack of 5th cylinder pushes the engine back so far that the signature offset angled radiator wasn’t needed. While it’s not likely anyone will want to import a Coupe 16V like this, it’s still quite fun to look at the options that weren’t available to U.S. customers.



  1. Christian Longwolf
    Christian Longwolf August 28, 2016

    I had a ’90 CQ for 3 years back in ’95-’98 when I was fresh out of college, and it is still one of the best looking Audis made. Still looks great today, especially so with euro bumpers (good call on the hobbled together US front bumpers on the CQ). My CQ had a hard enough time getting out of it’s own way with the 5 cylinder 20v, so I can’t imagine how slow this thing is.

    Funny how the owner got the ring sticker completely wrong….too far forward and backwards fading. And on a FWD car at that!

  2. John
    John August 30, 2016

    Love the front end look of these euro models.

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