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1993 BMW 325iS

1Time capsule cars are fascinating. It doesn’t matter whether they’re high-performance exotics or run of the mill, entry level econoboxes, there’s always something deeply weird and alluring about finding a car built decades ago that still looks brand new today. It’s even more interesting when that car is an E36. This generation of 3-series will, I think, one day be regarded as a classic, but you’d be forgiven for doubting it, since so many of them out there for sale today are such dogs. For every nice example on the market there are ten cars that have been driven hard and put away wet. This ’93 325iS however looks pretty much the same as I imagine it did the day it left the showroom, which is not too surprising since it only has 34k miles on the odometer.

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2 Year: 1993
Model: 325iS
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 34,011 mi
Price: Reserve auction

A well-cared-for and very original E36 1993 325iS that has been owned by adult BMW enthusiasts for its entire life. I bought the car in 2015 from its second owner. Car has a little over 34,000 Miles.

The brilliantrot color on black leather, stock condition, with no body damage or accident history (Clean Carfax). Superb condition, Very solid undercarriage and no rust.

Car has solid 2.5l straight 6 cylinder BMW M50 Engine rated @ 189 hp and 5 Speed Manual transmission shift smoothly, Power seat, Power windows, Power Moon roof, Power side view Mirror, A/C unit work great.

Engine runs very smooth, no misfire, no check engine light, no noise, no overheat.

A/C work during summer time and blown cold Air.

Feel free to contact me with any question about the car.


The “iS” moniker on the E36 is a little confusing. In Europe, this meant the car came with some M-tech upgrades, usually firmer, sportier suspension. But in the US, it merely denoted the coupe rather than sedan bodyshape. Such cars could also be specified with an additional Sport package, adding sport wheels, suspension, seats and steering wheel. A quick check of the VIN reveals, however, that this is just a basic, non-sport coupe that appears to have been fitted with the double spoke wheels usually found on Sport models.

What you do get is a glorious brilliant red exterior over a near-spotless black leather interior, 3 pedals, 5 gears and the venerable 2.5 liter inline six cylinder M50 engine - all the essential ingredients of an Ultimate Driving Machine. That unit puts out a somewhat modest 189 hp, mostly at the top end of the rev band, but you’ll have a lot of fun wringing it out; the E36 has a finely balanced chassis making it a joy to drive, even when there isn’t a great deal of power on tap. There isn’t much of a market for ultra-low mileage, non-M E36s, so it’ll be interesting to see what price this ends up selling for.

– Craig



  1. Doug
    Doug August 27, 2016

    This is a perfect counter-point to the M3 posted today. So it has less power…it also isn’t going to sell for $20k+. This would be a great car to toss about and liven up your commute.

  2. Carter
    Carter August 27, 2016

    Those are later 328i wheels, no? It still looks like a excellent example and Doug is right. As M car prices go crazy, the top-tier 3-series are going to be a great alternative. 335is, anyone?

  3. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter August 27, 2016

    Great car for the money.

  4. Woodie Man
    Woodie Man August 28, 2016

    Well I’m still driving my 1995 E36 convertible 318 as it closes in on 300.000 miles.Still has original top engine and tranny That said the interior on the E36’s were cheap as hell…..would be fun to drive a practically new condition six cylinder though……but seven grand (where its at now) I dont know……?

  5. Greg
    Greg September 1, 2016

    Yes those wheels are from a 328i/is sport package. The 325i/is sport package (which this car does not have as evidenced by the standard seats) came with 15″ BBS basketweave style wheels. Great little 3 series.

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