1993 Mercedes 500SL for the Superbowl

For the Superbowl I thought this car was appropriate.
A 1993 Mercedes 500SL formerly owned by NFL player and broadcaster Pat Summerall. I don’t really think there is much value added in the former owner status though, no offense to Pat.
67,000 miles is not much at all. With so many of these 5.0 Benz engines out there parts should not be outrageous. The seller says the car has a brand nw convertible top and another $1600 in recent tuneups. I kind of like the blackberry color on this car.
It is nice that it comes with both tops as I think if you aren’t going to drive topless the hardtop on the SL is a much better look than the softtop.
The $11,700 ask should have some play in it if the owner wants to sell.


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  1. These cars are a dime a dozen and they’re expensive to fix when they break. Two thoughts come to mind when I see these cars.

    First you’re a retired middle management guy living in a managed car place in Florida and you wanna impress the widows.

    Second, you think you’re fooling people into believing you have some dough and this is still a 100k car it was 15 os more years ago.

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