1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport

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Those of us not in the United Kingdom might have been a bit bummed by the steering wheel location on the Porsche 968 Club Sport we featured last week, especially since it was painted in a rare hue. But here we have another well-kept 968CS that has popped up for sale in Münster, Germany. It might not be as eye-catching as the example we saw for sale in England, but in some ways, white speaks to the purity of this machine. It was built with one purpose in mind: driving pleasure.

Click for details: 1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport at Jan B. Lühn

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Year: 1993
Model: 968 Club Sport
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 71,885 km (~ 44,667 mi)
Price: Inquire

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Chassis No
Fully matching numbers
Original paint
Great documentation
desirable options package

Model history:
When in 1992 Porsche was confronted with a market that was not under the impression of the 968 they desperately south for a way to make it more attractive to potential buyers. In October 1992 Porsche presented the 968 Club Sport. The recipe was simple: “make it lighter and sportier”, which they did. More over the car was 17 % cheaper than the standard 968.

The choice of colors was rather limited and sport (race) oriented. The Club Sport could be ordered in Black, Guards Red, Speed Yellow, Maritime Blue and Grand Prix while. It was possible to order black, white or red scripting. In some markets the scripting was standard. A characteristic of the Club Sport was that the wheels were painted in the color of the body (except for the black cars). The rear spoiler was also painted in the body color.

The wheels were 7.5J x 17 and 9J x 17 with the following tire sizes 225/45 and 255/40ZR-17. The car was dropped some 20 mm as compared to the standard 968.

Some of the classic options were not possible on the CS for example one could not order a rear window wiper, a radio was not standard but could be ordered and the outside mirrors had to be operated manually. Through these delete “options” the car was some 50 kg lighter than the standard model. This together with a lower body work made the car a much better handling car.

The engine of the CS was basically the same as in the 968 series. It was based on the 944 S4 engine and was an oddity as it was the biggest displacement 4 cylinder engine in the world. It had a displacement of 3.0 liter and the output rose to 240 bhp. The basic optical difference between the 944 and the 968 are the pop-up (928 style) front headlights. So the CS, as a lighter and stronger version of the 968, was comparable with the Carrera Rs of the seventies. Porsche had done it again, and thus the 968 CS followed the same path as the legendary Carrera RS of 1973. The CS needed a little over 6 seconds to reach the 100 km/h.

Specific history of this car:
This particular CS was sold new by the Porsche Dealer TAG in Luik on 31.08.1993. The first owner kept it until it was sold to the actual owner. The car has been taken car of and is part of a world know collection of Porsche’s. As with every collection it once in a while needs a re-organization and therefore it was decided to bring this low km, excellent maintained Belgian CS to the market.

This CS still wears its original paint and is still in wonderful original condition. The period Porsche pouch is with the car as well as the keys. The 968 CS “Beilage zur Betriebsanleitung” does also come with the car. A wonderful CS in a most iconic color (Grand Prix weiss) from a well know collection is up for sale, for you to take this unique opportunity to own and enjoy one of the best handling Porsche’s ever. A 968 CS has not yet the status of the 911 but will surely become as wanted as are the early 911’s.

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We still have another three years until one can legally import a 968CS to the US, but it doesn’t stop us from peering across the Atlantic in admiration here at GCFSB. As we’ve noted, not many of these cars were built. A total of just under 2,000 left the factor in three model years. The number that survive is undoubtedly less. So finding one in good shape with low miles like this is certainly special, even if a good number were set aside as collectors items. Initially, the 968 Club Sport was cheaper than your standard issue 968. Now due to its rarity, the CS is more valuable. Given this seller’s penchant for high quality motors, this example more than likely won’t come cheap.


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