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1993 Volkswagen Corrado

The Corrado is one of my favorite VWs of all time…in theory. Ever since I saw a Nugget Yellow G60 in Car and Driver circa 1989 I was bitten. Then the VR6 SLC came out and it was all over; the noise that those cars make is one of the best. Over the years Corrados have popped up for sale and for some reason or another I have passed, and I’m not sure why. Part of me thinks it’s a subconscoius defense mechanism keeping me safe from problematic cars or maybe I just like the idea of the Corrado more than the car itself.

The Corrado was a VAG developed and Karmann built sports car that was originally intended to be the successor to the aging 944, however that never came to fruition and it was released under the VW marque. Based on the VW MK2 Golf chassis, the Corrado was originally offered with the Supercharged 1.8l 4 cylinder G60 engine and later with the legendary VR6 narrow angle V6 powerplant. In both variations the Corrado was a quick and fun little car to drive, but the reliability left alot to be desired.

Engine: 2.8L VR6
Transmission: 5 speed manual

1993 Volkswagen Corrado on craigslist


This is a 1993 Volkswagon Corrado in Very Good condition. Good luck finding another as clean as this one is. It has a V6 VR6 and a 5-speed manual transmission. The car has a CLEAN title and only 109,000 original miles! Ice cold A/C and warm heat! This car is loaded with power windows, locks, mirrors, sun roof, premium sound, and very nice leather! As you can see this car has been taken care of extremely well and never neglected. Only asking $5,300. Call March: 602 330 5309

While generally plagued with reliability issues, mostly of the electrical persuasion, the Corrado has a love/hate relationship with VW enthusiasts. More often than not these cars ar an electrical nightmare, with the trick rear spoiler and sunroof being two of the most common failures. These are items to certainly keep in mind with looking at these cars. With over 100K miles, it is also good to look at the timing chains and tensioners. It’s a bonus if they are already done, as it’s a pricey fix.

All in all this Corrado looks like it’s well kept, and with reasonably priced at $5,300. For anyone in the market for a Corrado, this would be a great pick up.



  1. Ed
    Ed January 9, 2013

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my experience with a 1990 Corrado G60 bought new and driven for 120K miles was the textbook definition of love/hate. It was so much fun to drive but very expensive to maintain (on par with my 944 and 968 ownership experience). It didn’t help that mine was a very early ’90 with some parts that were very unique to early cars. Or in VW-speak, cha-ching! Reliability was awesome the first couple of years but as the mileage increased the little gremlins started popping up. VW dealer service was horrible at best and no independent shops knew enough about them to want to get their hands dirty (hell, the dealer behaved as if they were learning as they went along). A couple of times I almost traded it in on a VR6 model but that model was so much more refined that I (at the time) found the driving experience a little lacking in comparison. Looking back, I should have moved up to the SLC. Still, these little bastards have a special place in my heart. With today’s internet community support, owning a Corrado could be a pleasant experience but in the early 90s it was trying at best.

  2. Raymond
    Raymond January 9, 2013

    Always loved these when they were new. Would need a good enthusiast support group and / or a good VW indy to make them viable now, I would think. Really nice example, however.

  3. brian
    brian January 9, 2013

    I’m with you guys, now a days a good “working” car is a decent pick up, as there is tons of online info on these, and they’re still simple enough to maintain in your driveway.

  4. ready
    ready January 10, 2013

    cheap, would like one of these but heard they are a PITA to maintain. Wish they were not.

    Maybe i’ll get a VR6 MK3 GTI instead.

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