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1994 BMW 850CSi

Though currently flying under both the exotic car and classic car radar, the 850CSi should need little introduction. With a fancy M-division engine and VIN code, low production numbers and timeless lines, the 850CSi is a special piece of kit. As the 225 fitted with this special version of BMW’s 5.6L V12 dwindle, desirability and price skyrocket. Today’s comes with a moderate 65k miles and looking like it should be showing off in a mid-90s Microsoft VIP Parking Spot.

1994 BMW 850CSi for sale on eBay

Offered for sale is a stunning, low mileage example of BMW’s 850CSI . Finished in Alpine White 3 (Alpinweiss III) over a Pergament Nappa Leather interior, this car is absolutely fantastic and an investment grade classic already. The BMW 8 series was a stunning and distinctive 2+2 coupe which was offered with a range of V8 and V12 engine sizes. During its time it sat near the top of BMW’s product range, and respect for the car still remains high even years after production ceased. It set a new standard for other manufactures to compete with. Our 850 has always been maintained correctly and garaged its entire life, the car shows extremely well which is illustrated in the pictures. The original paint is stunning and the finish retains astonishing luster. All glass and rubber are in perfect condition. The Leather interior is equally as clean, exhibiting only insignificant wear throughout. The dash is nearly perfect, as is the wood accents. Everything works properly. Mechanically, the car is perfect. The immense power of the 5.6 V12 engine is impressive to say the least, nearly 400HP, yet as refined as the design. To find a well-kept example such as this, in a rare color combination, presents an excellent opportunity to purchase one of the finest BMW’s every produced.

White may not be the most flattering on the E31, but it’s not bad and I love the throwing stars as usual. 65k miles is within reason. What seems unreasonable is the asking price. A $55k Buy-It-Now might work for the 7,300 mile example Paul wrote up earlier this year, but is way too much for 65k miles on a V12. The seller needs to reign his imagination in about $10-20k to really move this thing. Once it’s sold though, no question that this car will move quite well under its own power.



  1. motoringconbrio
    motoringconbrio November 30, 2012

    This thing is incredible! And spot-on with the copy.

    URSDRIVER November 30, 2012

    Dont get me wrong, any 850CSI is a phenomenal automobile, and as deserving of modern classic status as anything else; but this color combo does it no favors. I normally like white beemers with black or Imola red leather but this white/gray/wood combo is horrific. Lets just say that giant car phone in the center console complements it aswell as an 80’s pony tail and white silk pants ever could.

  3. Scott J.
    Scott J. November 30, 2012

    URSDRIVER’s comment about the cell phone makes me wonder how outdated (and troublesome) today’s tightly integrated technology like Ford’s SYNC or BMW’s iDrive will seem 15-20 years from now. At least an old cell phone can basically be ignored or removed.

  4. Nate
    Nate November 30, 2012

    Why take the phone out? What a great anachronism to remind you how kickass this car is. I’d get it out on my cell plan if I could. I was very disappointed when the drug addicts that stole my Toyota Truck ripped out the car phone.

  5. Joe
    Joe December 1, 2012

    Heck of a car! I noticed the Dinan exhaust but the dealer doesn’t mention it at all. Makes me wonder what other goodies lurk beneath the hood…

    My 1995 Audi S6 has an old-school phone in it like this car. Completely non-functional today but a great conversation starter.

  6. MDriver
    MDriver December 2, 2012

    what a great great car….just came around at the wrong time….
    94/95 only years for these in the USA….and a white one to boot!
    Again no real mention of maintenance???….some snap shots of a stamped log book??
    With that kind of mileage the ask is a bit on the high side….if they take 40-42k for the car..GRAB IT
    Just a great GT car

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