1995 BMW 525iT

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I wrote up an E39 wagon and lauded its great position as a versatile daily driver with classic BMW handling, 5 doors, and a smooth-and-reliable straight-6. Today’s is a generation earlier, but it looks the business on 18-inch OEM+ deep-dish wheels and very nice exterior and interior. Both wagons shift for you, but that’s pretty standard fare with family haulers. The E34s excellent maturation of the E28’s rectilinear lines only gets better with some longroof – no need to hind behind tinted windows in a wagon that looks this good.

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Year: 1995
Model: 525iT
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 165,444 mi
Price: $5,995 Buy It Now

Click for more details: 1995 BMW 525iT for sale on eBay

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The ultimate luxury-sport wagon! 1995 BMW 525iT wagon. Super rare find! Loaded with all the right options. Clean Autocheck report! Extremely clean inside and out. This car was extremely well maintained and cared for and it shows throughout. This BMW is just amazing and must be seen and driven to appreciate it! The body is extremely clean and the Alpine White paint shined beautifully. The tan leather interior is also in amazing condition. This is a non-smoker vehicle. The bullet proof 6 cylinder engine is smooth and quiet and the transmission shifts perfectly! The BMW wagon truly runs and drives amazing. There is nothing like owning and driving a BMW, especially one like this!

The options include:
Full power
Dual power moonroof
Leather interior
Dual power seats
Dual climate control
Ice cold A/C
Excellent 18″ Nitto tires
Beautiful 18″ BMW sport wheels
Dual airbags
ABS brakes
Traction control
Factory sound system
Fog lights
Carpet mats
Trunk shade
Factory key

This is the one you have been searching for! Nothing but the best, so don’t let this rare find pass you by. This rare 5 series sport wagon is waiting in our showroom for you.

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This sharp white example might even be more my style than the E39 wagon. Mileage and the automatic transmission are possible points of contention, but it’s hard to fault a wagon this clean. It’s no E34 M5 wagon, but it’s also available for a reasonable price and will be significantly cheaper to maintain. If ease of use and functionality are higher priorities than rarity and speed, this is a great looking wagon that would cover most of the bases.


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  1. Aw man, makes me really miss our 525it. They look amazing in white, and on 18″ wheels.

    They are also not hard to convert to a 5-speed, two of us did it in a garage in one weekend for about $1500 in parts.

  2. Looks very promising. Ditch the wheels because at that size they will do nothing but either exacerbate wear on already aged suspension components and slow the car down even more (it’s a 525i auto after all). If the car checks out with a solid PPI, I would offer $4-$4.5k, based purely on the mileage. Why? At this age if the transmission is original it is due for overhaul, 2.5 liter M50s often need headgaskets at this point(the car has gone around the earth around 8 times, so it’s not like this is unreasonable or an example of poor longevity), and if the suspension hasn’t been overhauled, the car will need front and rear shocks and springs, front upper and lower control arms, tie rods, rear suspension “dog bones”, possibly rear suspension subframe bushings, and then there’s the exhaust. And I am assuming the AC works, and the cooling system has been rehabbed recently (radiator, hoses, water pump). But if some or all of those items have been addressed, that’s obviously a big plus.

    Biggest negative I see on this otherwise very clean example is I am always wary of a dealer or a seller taking an engine bay and slothering it with engine bay dressing. The car has 167k miles. It is old but it appears to be a really nice E34. There is nothing wrong with some discoloration of the components, so long as they are sound. Moreover, shining everything up like this is often a way to throw the buyer off of potential issues. No matter what, any car of this mileage needs a solid PPI or a buyer that knows what he or she is doing.

  3. Personally, I would look for a 530i and then do a swap to the bigger v8 and six speed. You can find m60 and m62 engines for peanuts these days. Getrag 6 speeds which bolt right up aren’t hard to find either. Together, they would make for one seriously kick-ass BMW touring.

    If you pinch pennies and look for good deals, you can put together an e34 540iT6 for about $10k. No better way to haul the groceries for that kind of dough!!!

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