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1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet


Every now and then, I spot a black W124 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet tooling around the neighborhood. These days, this is a car that sticks out. It doesn’t necessarily look vintage, but has a crisp, stately appearance that is sadly lacking in most new vehicles these days. As we move further towards vehicles with all kinds of computer assistance and, dare I say it, self-driving cars, it’s nice to look back two decades and find a car like this with classic style mixed in with modern convenience. This 1995 E320 Cabriolet for sale in New York represents the final year for the W124 and this one is mint, showing almost 30,000 miles on the odometer.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet on eBay

Year: 1995
Model: E320 Cabriolet
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 29,941 mi
Price: $37,650 Buy It Now



Along with the 500E/E500, the 300CE/E320 Cabriolets are some of the most highly prized models in the W124 lineup. While prices for average, driver quality examples are still at a reasonable level, find a good one such as this car and you’ll wind up paying a premium. Unfortunately, we have another seller here who has refused to give any kind of background or history on this car, even though it does look quite clean from the pictures. History is particularly important with a car like this. I would want to know if the original wiring harness was replaced, a noted weakness in late model W124s. Message to sellers: if you’re going to ask strong money, present the vehicle properly and don’t leave folks guessing as they scan the ad.



  1. Ian
    Ian September 15, 2016

    I generally dislike convertibles. A lot. But something about the W124 Cabriolet looks great. Can you believe base MSRP for an E320 Cab in 1995 was $79,000? Adjusted for inflation that’s $126,323. E Class coupes were incredibly expensive back then.

  2. Brad
    Brad September 15, 2016

    79k in 1995??? WOW!!! I would’ve thought 2/3 that.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew September 15, 2016

    A 1995 E320 sedan was $43,500 while the coupe was $63,000. Just to compare, a SL500 in 1995 was $89,900.

  4. John
    John September 16, 2016

    There is another very nice black one at Isringhausen in Springfield, IL. 33K miles, asking $30K.

  5. Oolong
    Oolong September 16, 2016

    I purchased a Red example about 15 years ago when the price was a bit softer. This is a wonderful car to drive and if cared for looks as good as new. The general populace thinks it’s a late model – basically new – the aficionados know the story.

    The sad thing about these cars is that they sit in collections and are rarely drive. They were made to be driven… and like any car suffer if they are not regularly exercised. Especially the top…

    Find one that needs a little love and enjoy the ride and the process of returning a wonderful car to the automotive world…

  6. John
    John September 16, 2016

    oops – the one in Springfield is a coupe. Still very nice.

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