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1997 Brabus E65 W210 For Sale in California

John emailed me a few days ago to inform us that his wonderful and amazing Brabus E65 was on eBay. I fell sick on Wednesday and am just now catching up. But don’t let that delay you — as of right now, there is only 2 days left on his auction.

His ad tells the story well, so without further ado:

This is a full W210 Brabus car; one of one in USA. Built in 1997 from a brand new, zero-mile E420 purchased from Beverly Hills MB. Car was completely disassembled and shipped to Brabus Germany where the M119 motor was enlarged to 6.5 liters. It is a 450hp / 488 ft lb. torque motor (4 cam / 32 valve). This is the only official USA W210 6.5 in existence. Car was fully optioned when it was built. This includes full Brabus power-train, Brabus (Alcon) ft and rr brakes, Brabus full exhaust, Brabus full body kit, Brabus staggered modular wheels, Brabus Mastik leather interior, Brabus hood / trunk badging and trunk lettering, Brabus springs / shocks, Brabus door sills in stainless, Brabus steering wheel etc.

Car has roughly 40,900 original miles and is in excellent condition in all respects. Car is 040 black non-metallic with Black and contrasting Gray interior. There is a large integrated stereo that is aftermarket but period 1997-98. Car was featured in Motor Trend and an original copy of the magazine is included. This car was built at the time to be the fastest sedan in existence. It held this title in the USA as it is capable of 192mph. The only sedan to surpass this M119 6.5 is the Brabus W210 7.3 V-12 (206mph); none of which were imported to the States as they do not comply with USA crash and emissions standards.

This car can be fully verified by the USA Brabus distributor CEC (Claus Ettensberger Corp) in Los Angeles. You are free to call them.

You will notice that the car does not wear the Brabus front spoiler lower extension. I have a brand new, in-box unit that comes with the car. I do not have it installed, as my driveway is too steep with it in place.

What an opportunity and talk about rare! Can you imagine what the total cost of this conversion had to cost? A true MB collectors piece that deserves a good home. Good luck on the sale John,



  1. Evan
    Evan October 1, 2010

    So stealthy. This car is going to need a real enthusiast to bring in full value. The difficulty with a car like this is the crowd that is simply looking for a high powered Benz sedan of comparable performance will look elsewhere, newer AMG model, like an E55, and not help the bid price go up. The at the time monster horsepower and torque figures aren’t as catchy to those buyers now that AMG puts out so many monster power cars. You also lose any buyer who is looking for flash, even the unique E65 badge is blacked out.

    So what this seller needs is two bidders who understand the absolute rarity of this car and want the subdued look. When this thing was new it had to have been an ultimate stealth bomber and it still has that characteristic, but again not quite as much with more AMG power sedans prowling around.

    There is a lot to appreciated here, 6.5 liters worth, for those that like the purity of normally aspirated big block instant power.

    In terms of rarity and what you might see at a specialist dealer, $30,000+ car. In terms of actual value in the fair market I’m guessing we are looking at $80,000+ in depreciation with bids on a good day maybe getting close to $20,000.

    This car needs a special buyer to pay top dollar and on eBay you need two of them. Regardless of everything I’ve said, awesome car.

  2. chanifin
    chanifin October 1, 2010

    Very nice. I wonder what the reserve is on this. I totally agree with Evan above. Tough to get good value on this in today’s market. Big high powered Benz seem to just tank in terms of resale and this one is competition with a lot of newer higher power cars. Plus the W210 style isn’t really all that compelling in terms of looks or status. This kind of runs into the same problem 500E’s and older 6.9’s run into. Nobody knows what they are so if you’re buying a car to be seen they just don’t do the trick. I’d buy this is NY minute though if I wasn’t terrified about the cost of parts and maintaining this beast.

  3. Evan
    Evan October 4, 2010

    We were pretty much right on in terms of market value on this one. The auction ended at $20,077 with the reserve not met.

  4. Abdulrahman
    Abdulrahman December 7, 2010

    hi guys

    am wondring if u still have the car E6.5??
    if so please email me or take my BBpin code so i can comunicate with 234cd9ea.

    thanks 🙂

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