2000 BMW M Coupe priced to sell

At the turn of the millennium, before constantly evolving and critiquing car blogs were around and my car info came exclusively from car magazines, I didn’t even know most people found the M Coupe ugly. The shooting brake has always attracted me, providing a funky aesthetic that wagon nor roadster can achieve on their own. Throw in the curves and aggression of the Mified Z3 and you’ve got one of the coolest cars of the past decade. Today’s clownshoe is one of the slightly less sought-after S52s, but if I remember anything from my friend’s Dinan E36, that engine can be beyond satisfactory. The dearth of information in the ad is counteracted by the attractive numbers: $8k, 84k miles. Let’s do this.

2000 BMW M Coupe for sale on Craigslist Fort Collins

The big question marks here, maintenance and how hard it’s been loved, should be dealt with before laying the money down. The blemishes shown in the pictures may not bode well for the latter, but on the other hand they almost continue the rat-rod aesthetic created by the flat black wheels/vents/grille, which I love. The interior reminds me of a scary clown dream. I could probably get over that though, or get some carbon inserts and new seats. Either way, despite a little necessary love, $8k seems like a good price of entry, and I dig the not-babied-but-awesome vibe it’s got going for it; it could easily be cleaned up, or the tough love could continue. Good times to be had either way.


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  1. I would think these cars fall into the buy the best you can afford and “bargain” cars tend not be. Those dents and giant paint hole/rust spots speak to lack of care. Finally why or why would you take an interior shot with the maintenance required light on if you were using it to sell a car. That’s just not thinking clearly.

  2. Might make a good track car candidate, as I have read these handle extremely well. The S52 is tough and takes boost well if you want to go SC. I’d also buy the best one I can find. The Bondo in the door and shabbyness of the car overall make me ask how much more would a decent one be? Cost of ownership usually doesn’t end with the purchase price. They are pretty neat cars though.

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