2001 BMW M Coupe with S54 motor

I feel as if the first generation BMW M Coupe was one of those sports cars that wasn’t immediately appreciated, mainly due to its quirky styling. As time passed, the car gained in popularity, which might have been a result of BMW’s latter day styling efforts. Here’s a later example of the M Coupe with the desirable and rather rare S54 M3 motor.

The seller states:

2001 BMW Z3 M Coupe. Titanium Silver w/ Black/Gray two tone leather. 20k original, one owner miles. One of only 690 produced with the S54 motor. All original panels and all original paint. Original MSRP $46,135. Car is still riding on its original tires.

No telling what the reserve is on this one, however, my best guess is that the seller is looking in the high 20k range. While not a bargain, it’s a decent price for what is a clean and unmodified example of one of the purest forms of late model BMWs.


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