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2002 Audi S6

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Much like its E39 5-series competitor, the C5 Audi brethren were clean with simple designs and plenty of modern amenities without overcomplication, and came with performance variants that were true wolves in sheeps’ clothing. The S6 Avant wasn’t quite up to the M5’s monster benchmark (leaving those duties to the rare, sedan-only RS6), but it was still a full-sized family wagon packing a silky V8 with 340hp. Today’s example is in nice shape and looks just a touch more aggressive with adjustable Bilstein coilovers. There are surprisingly few blemishes after 132k miles and, other than the typical Audi dead pixels in the screens, it’s hard to find any major faults with this car.

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Year: 2002
Model: S6
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 132,578 mi
Price: $10,150 OBO
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2002 Audi S6 Quattro Wagon. This has been my daily driver for a highway commute (70 miles per day). It has also done lots of traveling for business and has been a great interstate companion. Comfortable, quiet, and a great long distance car.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing – the perfect sleeper. 340 HP naturally aspirated V8. Bilstein B14 coilovers (ride height is adjustable). Original suspension included.

High quality ceramic tint.

RS6 Steering wheel with paddle shifters.

Bose sound system.

Original factory rear load cover, pull-up dog mesh, and rear sunshade still work. WeatherTech cargo liner (Part No. 40127) included.

OEM 17″ Avus wheels not cracked or bent, but do have some scuffs and cosmetic markings (see photos).

Slight road rash commensurate with age and mileage a few scratches on the bumpers, but a good-looking car overall. See photos.

For sale as is – no warranty implied or given.

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You shouldn’t be looking at Audis in the first place if you’re not ready to deal with Audi service costs, so let’s put that aside for now. Beyond that, getting this much car – not only is it a luxury wagon with tons of cargo area, but it can make great sounds, get out of its own way and dominate just about any conditions – for around $10k is a downright steal. This is high on my list of fun family wagons and they’re extremely attainable right now.